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- scottt732 - 2011-02-14

It shouldn't be too hard to get it working again. ReplyAV was fixed with a small patch, as was SiriusXmStreamer. It is possible to snoop the network traffic going on within a Flash app by using either Fiddler2 or Wireshark. I tried checking out the code, but the repo seems to be gone.

- calvin8714 - 2011-02-14

scottt732 Wrote:I tried checking out the code, but the repo seems to be gone.

I made it unpublic because I didn't really understand what/how it works. It's re-enabled now.

- calvin8714 - 2011-02-26

Just wanted to pass this on, I'm working on attempting to "resurrect" XBMC Sirius and RunXM with NiceMac LLC (creators of StarPlayr for Mac computers). Since Sirius and XM Radio are now combined into the SiriusXM website, I'm considering merging the two programs together into one for XBMC. Nothing is official at this point, and there is no working version, and it'll probably result in a "merged" rename of this add-on, and the closing of this and the XBMC Sirius threads. Those may/will be revealed at the right time.

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