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It's a Pixel THING - enen92 - 2017-08-09



It's a Pixel THING kodi addon. It's a Pixel THING brings back to life those awesome gems of the golden age of video games with a personal high-quality documentary style of reviews. The industry behind the evolution of gaming, the mighty home computers from the 80s, the rise of video game consoles, all this will be featured in this weekly YouTube show!






License: GPL-v3
Source Code: https://github.com/enen92/plugin.video.itsapixelthing
Download: Official Repository

RE: It's a Pixel THING - Lunatixz - 2017-08-09

Thanks.. looks cool

Sent from my SM-G935T

RE: It's a Pixel THING - Dangelus - 2017-08-09

Looks very cool Smile

RE: It's a Pixel THING - muRte - 2017-08-11

Awesome work! Thanks, @enen92! Smile

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