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Dosbox Controller Problem - andersfisker - 2017-08-27

Hi all,

I have been playing around with various emulators and games, and everything seems to be working very well. My only problem is i cannot get my PS3 controller to work with Dosbox. Normally with Dosbox i would use the keymapper, but this interface does not seem to be implemented here. Have any of you made a controller work with Dosbox? Any input or ideas is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)

RE: Dosbox Controller Problem - garbear - 2017-08-27

Cores that use keyboards and joysticks are edge cases that I haven't tested yet. Good news is, the new Player Manager I'm working on will introduce full compatibility for all keyboard/mice/joystick combinations, and even the ability to map these separately per-player.

I have about a week or two of work left on the Player Manager. I started over a month ago, but got distracted by shader support (the GSoC project for this ends tmrw). Hang tight, and I'll post back here when things are ready to be tested!

RE: Dosbox Controller Problem - andersfisker - 2017-08-27

Hey man,

That sounds great! Thanks :-)