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RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - xBrunex - 2018-03-12

Nice man

One advice for you  Tongue
That bug "Unfortunately, Kodi has stopped." Is because you have disabled "Hide visualization background" and when it plays the equalizer in the background and then when you press the setting button it gives that error.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2018-03-13

thanks for that tip i hope we can fix that error...when you watched it did music play or was it silent

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - xBrunex - 2018-03-13

it was playing  Big Grin

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - xBrunex - 2018-03-16

Guys, do you have any idea to connect the smartphone to receive calls through bluetooth on the skin?


And how we can connect rear camera to show image on skin ?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - nickr - 2018-03-16

(2018-03-12, 03:06)1milenia Wrote: fixed it  no music

 Same video so still blocked.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - Zaffi - 2018-03-18


good stuff here. Been using kodi in my car with standard touch skin. This looks better.

I like to use the navigation button to start PC_Navigator.exe(windows 10 on dell 8" tablet).

Would be nice. I now use them along side. But it wont let me control the music from my car buttons if focus is on navi.

Is there a renault logo?

Thnks in advance!

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-03-25

Hi, you have to start with ideea that navi is opening on new window. When you use navi you are out off kodi. Can you give me more details about media buttons?

You can use any logo .... the png should be square with transparent background.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - xBrunex - 2018-03-26

Hello again guys,

no one can help me please ?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-03-27

Depends on your hardware to receive calls through bluetooth not the skin. 
And the camera is the same thing , my camera is connected to video board and is activated by 12v (reverse light).

For the camera, you can also connect to your system  and activate by a button from the skin but i need more details about your camera system.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - xBrunex - 2018-03-27

Well, the project is in my tablet Lenovo TB3-710F, and my smartphone is one Samsung Galaxy S8+.
The camera from my car have just 2 wires conected to the reverse light and others 2 conected to one RCA to give the image.


Need to know how to connect it in my tablet and what software i can use <_> .

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-03-28

I don't know if is posible to add rca camera to a tablet.... You should have RCA Video IN on your device .
In my opinion .. is not working tot do that .

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - techie67 - 2018-04-11

Hi Idorell,

could you pleade have a look at the following problem i got with the skin?
I want to customize the button action by filling in a Activate Windows(10502, ....; command as button action. That does not work. The line is 100% working as i copied it from favourites.xml.
Regards Chris

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-12


give me more details, the exact command...
did you used ActivateWindow(...) and not windows?
what window do you want to open?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - techie67 - 2018-04-12


an example command i tried to add and that did not work is

Would be nice if that was possible.
It works fine when added in the includes.xml directly or executed from favorites. That is where i got it from in fact. :-)


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-12

I did't tried something like that . When i use ActivateWindow() i use name of the window(Music, Videos...) or Window ID.

I think you should use RunPlugin(plugin) or RunAddon(id).

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