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RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - techie67 - 2018-04-13

Hi, that is really a pitty. This kind of command offers the abillity to open f.e. an addon and in the addon a special folder. Also it is quite simple to generate the correct command by simply adding the GUI Element in question by right klicking or long touch to the favourites and copying it from the favourites.xml

Would you mind doing some testing with that kind of action commands? Maybe there is a no brainer fix for it. :-)

Would really love to see them working.

Regards Chris

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-14

I use a string to add your command in onclick command. I can't modify onclick commands.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - techie67 - 2018-04-14

Thats totally OK from my point of view.
But contrary to our expectations it does not seem to work with those kind of ActionWindow commands. Do you have an idea why? Could you by any chance test my posted action string at your side? To test it the addon "radio" should be installed. You should be taken to the "my stations" subfolder directly.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - kewlhtpc - 2018-04-16

This is what I use for Shoutcast in the XTouch skin,.. which brings me directly to my favorite stations list:


I don't use the radio addon,...So try, these may work.



Or maybe:



Good luck. Smile

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - techie67 - 2018-04-17

Thank you very much.
I'll try the samples as soon as possible.

But i still think that it would be nice if the numeric kind of onclick actions as generated by the add to fovourites functionality in kodi could be made compatible.


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon Problems for execute scripts - frodorik - 2018-04-20

Hi, i´m desesperate Smile i need help.

I´ved install xbian (kodi 17) on a raspberry pi 3 with the CarPC-Carbon, ok here my problem:

I configured and action, for example for the navigation button, i trie the following.


The script content, more simply imposible:

import os
os.system("sudo navit")

xbian@xbian ~ $ python scripts/kodi_navit.py

(navit:8526): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

Ok very good

And the kodi log if you touch the button

21:19:19.324 711.115051 T:1604412160 WARNING: CPythonInvoker(10): Script invoked without an addon. Adding all addon modules installed to python path as fallback. This behaviour will be removed in future version.

Please, anyone can help me?

thanks so much

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-21

Sorry but will not work navit on kodi 17.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - frodorik - 2018-04-21

Oups!! so, any similar software for car navigation?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2018-04-22

if you are using any car-pc for your car the most reliable is odroid c2 

heres a example


at that time i was testing it  even the gps works perfect evertime

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-22


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - frodorik - 2018-04-22

Thanks so much, i´ll try, thanks again.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - frodorik - 2018-04-22

Thanks for response 1milenia but my problems not it relationship with hardware, my problem it relationship with the software.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2018-04-22

i understand ,if you get tired of the pi like i did go for a  odroid c2  and i bet you would be alot happier

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - hbonline - 2018-04-29

Hi, I installed this skin to my Samsung S8, the skin turns out is very dark. is there any way I can fix this? thanks

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-04-30

In top left you have a sun. Click on it. There is a day/night mode.

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