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RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - MRQUIZZI - 2018-05-01

Hi guys.
I'm trying to install the skin but it gives me "installation failed to install add on from zip", I use the 17.6 version of kodi on raspberry pi 3 B +.
How can I solve?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-05-03

Try to download again. Maybe the zip is corrupted.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - raymondm2007 - 2018-05-04

i have sygic on my surface pro 3 I have kodi 17 with your skin. How can I activate the sygic with the navigation button?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-05-05

In skin settings - action button - click on custom ... write this action : StartAndroidActivity("com.sygic.aura")

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - raymondm2007 - 2018-05-07

its not an android tablet. surface pro 3 is a windows 10 software

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-05-08

Try this: XBMC.System.Exec(C:\some\path\to\an.exe)

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - 1milenia - 2018-05-14

heres mine running in a jaguar x-type


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - Acid2000 - 2018-06-05

I'm new here and I'm using your skin for a car PC (windows 10 based).

I'm having a few issues around the navigation (GPS) part, I have managed to launch MapFactor from using the home page navigation button with using this command: (XBMC.System.Exec(C:\Users\username\Desktop\MapFactorGPSNavigation-Shortcut.lnk)

however I'm finding a issue that the gps software opens behind kodi (windowed mode) or that there is no way ideal way of getting back to kodi (full screen mode). is there any way you can make the gps software open in a window in kodi so that you don't have to leave the kodi app and maybe have some control buttons there like volume up/down, back button, track up/down button ect.??


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-06-05

Hi , try to run exe file instead shortcut.lnk .

For volume and other things you can take example from this guy : http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-Volume-Control-and-Caps-Lock-LED-Simple-Cheap-/

And you can look into my channel to see how works volume control on android: https://www.youtube.com/user/idorel11

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - Acid2000 - 2018-06-05

I tried linking to a .exe file but the skin on Windows 10 doesn't seem to like spaces as I get a error if I put the path XBMC.System.Exec(C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator17\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe)

The error reads

Windows cannot find 'C\Program'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I know the directory is correct as I took the address directly from the file location. I tried replace the spaces with underscores but then it reads this error.


Windows cannot find 'C:\Program_Files_(x86)\Navigator17\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

What am I doing wrong?

This is windows 10 I'm using

Cheers appreciate your help.

[MOD] CarPC-Carbon - otaranda - 2018-06-06

Try this one
XBMC.System.Exec("C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator17\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe")

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - mpasanthosh - 2018-06-18

@idorel77 : Thanks a lot for your theme, this is so much easier to use in car.
I have a small problem though, the arrow buttons in my remote are not working when i use this theme.
Say the up, down, left and right buttons present in my wireless USB remote.
Is there a way this can be fixed.

Please do let me know your inputs.
Thanks again for the good work you have done .!

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2018-06-20

You have to edit includes.xml and add on buttons :

That number is number id for the up or down button.

Sorry but the most people use touch screen and don't need that. You need time to edit all buttons ...

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - Preske - 2018-08-13

Hi Idorel, absolutely love your skin.

I was wondering if you could shed some light on some issues I'm having.

For visualization I'm using "2D spectrum" from Shadertoy. It works fine, but is slightly misaligned and too big. The rotating 3D one from your example is perfectly centered, but I can't find how to replicate it. Is there a way to move/center it, maybe make it a bit smaller?

There is also an issue where it overlaps wrong on the left side menu bars (I'll add an image). Right side is fine.

And lastly, because of how the visualization looks like, I'd like to move up the time under/above the song.artist to make it a bit more readable.


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - mbrown4ayl - 2018-08-14

 I'm trying to execute openAuto through an "action button" with CarPC-Carbon. It is running on a Raspberry 3 B+. I install Raspbian, then OpenAuto, then Kodi and finally the CarPc-Carbon. In terminal I type /home/pi/openauto/bin/autoapp and the program will launch fine. However, I want to be able to launch it via the "Navigation" button in CarPC-Carbon. How does one go about this? Please help! Thanks!

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