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RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - flytomars - 2019-01-07

(2019-01-01, 16:57)flytomars Wrote: Hi Idorel,

Thank you for a fantastic skin and all your fast responses, this is not trivial at all!
I just installed your skin on RPI for my car, LIBREELEC, it works flawlessly but I have a few questions:

1) Yatse support is limited - sometimes I use the arrows and get somehow out of the menu, cant reach all the buttons etc. I guess this is a bug in original Estouchy skin and since this meant for touch this will not be fixed, however one can only hope Wink

2) I plan to use the PI as an IR blaster for my processor, and control the volume with it - is it possible to change activity for the volume buttons or I must sacrifice one of the main buttons?

3) For the above volume control, I guess this will work? - Change activity to: RunScript("special://path to your file /volume_up.py") ?

Thanks again!

Hi idorel77, can you answer above questions?


RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2019-01-07

yes .. this skin i made for a touch screen and not working ok with a keyboard .
Is working fine with a mouse and touch... i don't know about yatse , i don't use it.
If yatse not working well on  estouchy will not work with my skin also. 

About volume control you can edit volume buttons and add your command: https://github.com/idorel77/CarPc-Carbon-K18/blob/master/xml/Includes.xml
from line 770 down find and edit oneclick. i don't know if working with script but you can tray, or you can sacrifice 1-2 buttons for volume.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - flytomars - 2019-01-08

Thanks for the reply, I will try!

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - antmar904 - 2019-01-08

Yes I’m running Kodi 17.6

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - antmar904 - 2019-01-08

ok weird it installed successfully now!

Thanks again.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - Spiderfish - 2019-01-11

Very Nice I installed it in my android tablet but I am confused how to let navigation and Radio to work. Is there any plugins I have to install it to get these options?

because I saw this is linked with navigation buttons: plugin.program.navigation

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2019-01-11

Here is how to custom your button :

If you use waze you have to write: StartAndroidActivity("com.waze") 
for maps: StartAndroidActivity("com.maps") 

You need to have this app installed on your table , this is just a command to open your app.
This apps not run inside kodi .

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - holowrazer - 2019-01-16

can i install it into orange pi with android os?

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2019-01-17

If you can install kodi you can install this addon too.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - antmar904 - 2019-01-17

Can anyone recommend a good radio app to use with this skin?

Possibly an app that mimics a radio interface like a car?

I installed the app called "Radio" but I would like something that I can browse real AM/FM channels like in a real car radio.

I know I have to install and configure a FM transmitter.

Here is the one I'm going to use: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1958

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - gp1138 - 2019-01-23

I have an issue when I am listening to music and hit “Home” it crashes Kodi. Logs complain about Android App. I am using Windows 7 with Kodi 18.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2019-01-23

Hi, try to disable visualisation background if this is active.
Or make shore not have visualisation in the center and in background in the same time.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - gp1138 - 2019-01-23

Hmm. I was hoping that I'd be able to have the visualization in the background of the Now Playing screen. I found that if I click the Kodi logo before I start to play music it does stop the crash, so I just remember to keep it like that.

Any progress on the request to have the visualization on the Now Playing screen? Smile Thanks for your work, this is the best CarPC skin I have used!

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - idorel77 - 2019-01-24

Hi, i should add some rules to not working in the same time visualisation in the background and in the center (logo place).
I have something to do now and after i will work on this.

RE: [MOD] CarPC-Carbon - krevedkoman - 2019-02-05

@idorel77  hello, you say to change button action need change
this "StartAndroidActivity("com.waze")"  to StartAndroidActivity("com.MYAPP")
but, if I have this configuration:
Raspberry Pi2 B
Latest Raspbian
Kodi 17.3
And I use as navigation software Navit, how I can start Navit from you Skin. How I need modify button ?

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