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boblight: address already in use - sirthid - 2017-09-14


I'm using Kodi boblight on a Kodibuntu system. When I start Kodi, the Kodi boblight add-on says "connected to boblightd", the adalight runs through red, green, and blue and nothing else happens. When I enter "boblightd" on Lubuntu shell, same behavior. The content of boblightd.log looks like this:
21:56:41.714563 (InitLog)                        start of log /home/sirthid/.boblight/boblightd.log
21:56:41.715043 (PrintFlags)                     starting boblightd
21:56:41.715228 (CConfig::LoadConfigFromFile)    opening /etc/boblight.conf
21:56:41.718420 (CConfig::CheckConfig)           checking config lines
21:56:41.722881 (CConfig::CheckConfig)           config lines valid
21:56:41.723032 (CConfig::BuildConfig)           building config
21:56:41.729878 (CConfig::BuildConfig)           built config successfully
21:56:41.730075 (main)                           starting devices
21:56:41.730373 (CClientsHandler::Process)       opening listening socket on
21:56:41.731144 (CClientsHandler::Process)       ERROR: bind() Address already in use
21:56:41.731637 (CDevice::Process)               device1: starting with output "/dev/ttyACM0"
21:56:41.731805 (CDevice::Process)               device1: setting up
21:56:42.743241 (CDevice::Process)               device1: setup succeeded
21:56:48.716664 (SignalHandler)                  caught SIGINT
21:56:48.716858 (main)                           signaling devices to stop
21:56:48.716924 (CClientsHandler::Cleanup)       disconnecting clients
21:56:48.716968 (CClientsHandler::Cleanup)       closing listening socket
21:56:48.717011 (CClientsHandler::Cleanup)       clients handler stopped
21:56:48.717054 (main)                           waiting for devices to stop
21:56:48.748166 (CDevice::Process)               device1: closed
21:56:48.748289 (CDevice::Process)               device1: stopped
21:56:48.748455 (main)                           exiting
Any ideas highly appreciated, I'm stuck...


RE: boblight: address already in use - sirthid - 2017-09-22


boblight: address already in use - Memphiz - 2017-09-22

as root user type "netstat -lnp --tcp | grep 19333" in a terminal to see what is blocking the port

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