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Changing color of the forum? - himisk71 - 2017-10-12

Can someone tell me how i can change the colors of the new forum? i am getting blind after a few seconds while reading.
or change to another theme..


RE: Changing color of the forum? - Klojum - 2017-10-12

(2017-10-12, 14:46)himisk71 Wrote: i am getting blind after a few seconds while reading.
Blind... Sure. Put on some dark sunglasses if you cannot stand the bright future.

And the answer is 'no'. You cannot change the colors (for now).
We are first fxing bugs and other more important stuff in the current theme.

RE: Changing color of the forum? - Kib - 2017-10-12

You will have to have some patience.
We were forced to reinstall a backup of the entire forum to a new server, because our server became lost during a physical migration.

Our forum was running quite old forum software and the new server was already being prepared with a much newer version - this has better performance, better security and will allow us (in the future) to implement exciting new features that have been requested in the past.
The one thing that wasn't finished was the new forum theme - the old theme is not compatible with the new version of the forum.

We basically were forced to either install very old versions of software on a modern server and reinstate everything as it was, or we could take advantage of the work already done and bring the forum back.
The downside would be that we would have some issues with the theme and it would take a few weeks to overcome these.
We decided not to install old crap on a new server, but to go with option B.

Right now the priorities are (somewhat in order):
- Fix functionality in the theme - mostly done
- Fix the theme visible bugs (highlights not working, some stuff not aligning, the mobile view) - in progress
- Add extra plugins and theme them - not started
- Add different themes / color styles - not started

Your request is the last... and you'll have to wait

RE: Changing color of the forum? - FXB78 - 2017-10-12

The forum was a bit of a mess when it first came back online, alignment and various other issues, but since then I've seen the work that's gone into it and it's looking good now. Of course there are a few tweaks which we'd all like to see but on the whole it's looking good now. Well done to all involved in the past week or so to get it to where it is now Smile

RE: Changing color of the forum? - himisk71 - 2017-10-12

thank you for your quick answers! i do understand the reason for the new forum software and can wait, no problem. Nod

RE: Changing color of the forum? - QuattroGam3r - 2018-04-17

FYI, if anyone else comes across this before it is addressed by Kodi team members, you always have an alternative of using your own .css stylesheet or even better using "Stylish" or "Stylus" to install a global theme for all sites you visit.
Example i'm using:

RE: Changing color of the forum? - effe.rnr - 2020-12-21

sorry to dig out this old thread, but are there any plans for a dark theme meanwhile?

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