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Can you use unicable with multiple DVB-S2 tuners? - elsmandino - 2017-10-27

I would be really grateful for some advice on my setup.

I have a fixed satellite, with a quad LNB.

I am going to install a motorised satellite with a single LNB.

I already have a Nova HD S2 - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hauppauge-WinTV-S2-HD-Satellite-Tuner/dp/B000OILP7K?tag=av0c-21

and am going to be buying two more twin tuners, which are apparently clones of eachother:





This gives me five tuners in total.

The obvious thing to do would be just connect the five tuners to the five inputs - the only thing I would have to be careful with is not using the Nova to control the rotor, as it is the only tuner that does not support Diseqc 2.1.

Running five thick cables accross my house is something I would like to avoid if there were any alternatives.

I assumed that unicable would only work if all the tuners were on the same card and that card supported unicable.

However, I came across another forum thread which stated that this was not true.  It was suggested that any combination of DVB-S tuner could be used for unicable - it was the backend software that dictated whether a single cable distribution would work.

I know that TVH does support unicable.  Would it be possible, therefore, to somehow incorporate a unicable feed into my setup?

RE: Can you use unicable with multiple DVB-S2 tuners? - stoun - 2017-10-28


RE: Can you use unicable with multiple DVB-S2 tuners? - elsmandino - 2017-10-31

Am I correct in thinking, therefore, that if I bought one of these:


with one of these


I could connect the splitter to four of the tuners and then set them up in TVH?

RE: Can you use unicable with multiple DVB-S2 tuners? - kubax - 2017-11-08


this should totaly work. But before buying 2 more Cards, consider of buying a DD Max S8 (http://www.digital-devices.eu/shop/en/tv-cards/tv-cards-for-pcie/218/8-tuner-tv-karte-full-spectrum-dd-max-s8-4/8-tv-card)

The benefit is that you only need to connect one cable to the card and have 8 tuners available.

I for myself recently switched to Unicable II (Jess) and (as soon as i got the money lying around) will buy this card and replace my dual Tuner of the same brand.

Digital Devices card's also support a dedicated linux driver from the vendor. But in most cases they are not needed as they are supported by recent kernels.

RE: Can you use unicable with multiple DVB-S2 tuners? - elsmandino - 2017-11-10

Thanks for that - a really interesting device.

I did a little more research and, unfortunately, it doesn't appear to support Diseq - https://forum.dvblogic.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=30803&sid=fd52626a88524e2c48fa56996bb031e3&start=15

That is a real shame as I was hoping to run one cable cable to a an Octo-LNB on my fixed dish (to use seven of the tuners on the card) and then run a second coax to a rotor, to utilise the remaining tuner.
(2017-11-08, 12:12)kubax Wrote: Hi,

this should totaly work. 

That is brilliant news - do you happen to know how I would connect the quad-unicable to the four cards?  I assume that I would would have to put a 4-way unicable splitter at the other end of the coax and then connect that to the four inputs.

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