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shoutcast - marlboroman1 - 2008-04-06

I was wondering if any one has this up and running its not working for me and I assume it is not fully implemented in the port yet along with some other networking stuff. I'm connecting to the net ie XBMC retrieves the weather info and Xbox scene news. so if any one has a temporary work around please share nice Big Grin

- WiSo - 2008-04-06

It's enabled and everything it's in but I didn't found the bug yet.

- marlboroman1 - 2008-04-07

for me If I try to add source every thing works in the gui but just fails to retrieve any data. I don't know if this is relvent but I tried to set an advanced rule in my firewall allow xbmc on all host and protocols and xbmc stopped responding even after a restart

- WiSo - 2008-04-07

CURL isn't fetching any data with or without firewall. Can't say more yet.

- TheWoert - 2008-04-14

WiSo Wrote:It's enabled and everything it's in but I didn't found the bug yet.
I have played a little with a .pls file, and it only works when I start the .pls from the file-manager.Eek
Starting it when browsing trough Music, makes XBMC crash.
Same for starting that .pls from favorites.
(FATAL: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at 0x0080b579)

- WiSo - 2008-04-14

Curious. Recent svn allows for browsing in the shoutcast library but after caching it still crashes. Have to look deeper.

- TheWoert - 2008-04-14

Perhaps following logs can be helpfull:
Starting a shoutcast-stream from the music section (and crashing):

Starting the same stream from filemanager (and playing fine):

- WiSo - 2008-04-14

mmh that's weird. Curl can't connect in both cases (this is fixed in svn) but it plays in the second example? Maybe without cache but I dunno if paplayer still needs curl for streaming.

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