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Refresh rate - Cyku007 - 2017-12-30

As the Header Says, automaticly switch to 24 hz dont work. Always 60 hz on 24 hz content

RE: Refresh rate - Klojum - 2017-12-30

Saying something "does not work" is not a proper bug report.
At least include your debug-enabled full kodi.log file via Pastebin.com .

RE: Refresh rate - MrMagic - 2017-12-30

Normally I would agree about the debug log. But I believe in this case it's pretty obvious no refresh rate switching is happening at all when playing 24p (23.976 fps) material on the Xbox One.

Perhaps this issue should be added to the known issues list?

RE: Refresh rate - Martijn - 2017-12-30


RE: Refresh rate - Cyku007 - 2017-12-31

Btw same with 50 hz content

RE: Refresh rate - afedchin - 2018-01-01

fixing this requires compile Kodi UWP with new SDK that's not a simple and require checking that no new issue was introduced.

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