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4K MKV's? - redlikemethodz - 2018-01-02

Has anyone tested 4K MKV's yet?  On my FireTV 3 displays them washed out.  Hoping this is not an issue on the XB1S.

RE: 4K MKV's? - brownbear1984 - 2018-01-02

(2018-01-02, 18:51)redlikemethodz Wrote: Has anyone tested 4K MKV's yet?  On my FireTV 3 displays them washed out.  Hoping this is not an issue on the XB1S.
 I've tested a few but since the only 4k mkvs i have right now are HEVC main 10 they crash my One X (as in it powers all the way off). Only thing I can do atm is wait patiently.

RE: 4K MKV's? - redlikemethodz - 2018-01-05

Tried to find some samples I could give you but had no luck.  Thanks though.

RE: 4K MKV's? - polkovnika2 - 2018-01-06

4K movies work for me without a problem on Xbox One X.
I use
Windows 10
Xbox One X
NFS by WinNFSd


RE: 4K MKV's? - afedchin - 2018-01-06

(2018-01-06, 12:56)polkovnika2 Wrote: 4K movies work for me without a problem on Xbox One X.

There is an issue with UHD hevc 10bit movies only. any other UHD files works fine.

RE: 4K MKV's? - WookieGroomer - 2018-01-06

Considering there is no way to view genuine native 4K UHD Bluray rips right now without a hard crash of the console, the poster above is completely shit. Unless they're using the fake re-encodes from the scene groups, in which case those files are a joke on a serious 4K viewing system anyways and don't count. Probably isn't aware of what real 4K video actually is.

In addition, Kodi devs claim there is no fix for the lack of pure native audio pass-through which instantly eliminates the ability to use your Atmos or any other modern 3D/Surround audio system in a home theater environment. With these issues taken into consideration, Kodi on Xbox One X is a complete waste of resources making both the Xbox One X and Kodi still not suitable as a central source for a 4K home theater. Xbox One X is a stellar console with surprisingly competitive graphics over the PC for 4K gaming. It's just a shame the blame usually always falls on Microsoft for the lack of real and complete support, in this case serious support in regards to the full 4K gaming and viewing experience. 4K entertainment is not merely the visuals alone. Along with it comes a substantial evolution in audio capabilities now that the bandwidth is there. Casual users on normal TV entertainment systems will of course be greatly satisfied by having Kodi. I absolutely love Kodi and rely on it in my current theater room using the Nvidia Shield consisting of a 1080p 125" projected screen limited to just 7.1 channels at the moment. However, I use the PLEX plugin to navigate my existing library on the Shield, something the Xbox One Kodi app doesn't seem to yet either. To me, Kodi is a premium product that has better video and audio options over PLEX. But without these features on the Xbox One, it's just a glorified PLEX.

As you can tell, I'm pissed about the situation since I really was relying on using my Xbox One X as the centerpiece for my second home theater build later this year but now see I must still use multiple devices to accomplish the simplest of tasks. I'm mad, that's all. Still an ok App for the 80% of everyone out there and I will be enjoying it on my Shield either way. I have faith they will get the 4K resolution rectified but without the other half of the experience (audio pass-through) it's still all just irrelevant.

RE: 4K MKV's? - nickr - 2018-01-06

Calling another poster "shit" is unacceptable and you have been formally warned.

RE: 4K MKV's? - WookieGroomer - 2018-01-06

Redirection... that's a good tactic I suppose.

RE: 4K MKV's? - DarrenHill - 2018-01-06

We await your pull requests and code on how to do it better.

Either that or just stop criticising and trolling or you're out of here.

By the way, the "they" you're calling shit is the chief author and developer of the Xbox version, so you may want to rethink your whole attitude and demeanor.

RE: 4K MKV's? - nickr - 2018-01-06

(2018-01-06, 22:37)WookieGroomer Wrote: Redirection... that's a good tactic I suppose.
Warning level increased.

RE: 4K MKV's? - Figofigo - 2018-01-06

Is 10 bit HEVC a solvable issue or have to wait on SDK support from Microsoft? Also noticed that some 10 bit files are fine while others are not, which is curious. Just wondering if we should wait or take the time to convert to x264.

RE: 4K MKV's? - brownbear1984 - 2018-01-07

I think it depends on what you want to do right now. Re-encoding to h.264 can potentially be time consuming. The FAQs state that hevc main 10 has been temporarily disabled so that would suggest we may yet see a fix in the future. In the meantime most 4k hdr TVs are able to playback hevc main 10 with their internal player so it may be worth using that until there is a fix.

RE: 4K MKV's? - polkovnika2 - 2018-01-20

Hello work with some 4k movies, the application is fixed and does not crash but the movies are not going well.
Somewhere I saw to write that I had to turn off hw decoding for uhd hevc.
I apologize for my bad English .

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