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[Kodi 18] unable to play any stream - Bayard0 - 2018-01-17

So on Kodi 18 nightly 20180115, I am unable to play any stream from my stalker server. on 17.6 it works fine.
Quote:here is screenshot of error and log bellow of exact moment

18:56:17.933 T:10940  NOTICE: PVR Manager: Starting
18:56:19.200 T:10940   ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting
18:56:21.939 T:7200  NOTICE: PVR Manager: Started
18:56:21.949 T:10940  NOTICE: PVR::CPVREpgContainer::Start - EPG thread started
18:56:24.292 T:4928  NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: pvr://channels/tv/All channels/pvr.stalker_530717928.pvr
18:56:24.308 T:10364  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
18:56:24.308 T:10364  NOTICE: CDVDInputStreamPVRManager - Playback of deleted recordings is not possible (pvr://stream/530717928)
18:56:24.308 T:10364   ERROR: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [pvr://channels/tv/All channels/pvr.stalker_530717928.pvr]
18:56:24.308 T:10364  NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()

Here is the Full Log: https://pastebin.com/k5LS2WuB

[Kodi 18] unable to play any stream - Karellen - 2018-01-17

The forum moderators have determined that banned addons (wiki) are present on your system. To receive assistance here, these banned items must be removed. If a clean log is not submitted within 3 days, then the relevant post(s) will be removed after this time.

RE: [Kodi 18] unable to play any stream - Bayard0 - 2018-01-19

sorry about that, here is the new log

RE: [Kodi 18] unable to play any stream - t123thomas - 2018-01-19

I have similar issue on Kodi 18 alpha, any idea why stalker is not player, the channel and epg download nicely, I can see the channels list but when tried to lunch a channels it won't play, I kept getting error message.
log attached