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HDHomerun add-on not working - ronvp - 2018-01-17

Where do I go to fix the hdhomerun add-on plugin app for Leia. The native app is working, but I need access to some encrypted channels and the Silicondust Add-on get stuck during initialization. Krypton work fine

RE: HDHomerun add-on not working - VladTepz - 2018-02-01

N/M re-read and initial reply was unhelpful for you situation.

RE: HDHomerun add-on not working - rpcameron - 2018-02-01

Check the SD forums. This forum is for the PVR client, not for SD's View video plugin.

In case I've misunderstood your post, you need to post a link to a complete debug log captured while trying to open an encrypted stream in order for anyone to offer anything other than wild guesses.

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