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IGN_COM - HeresJohnny - 2019-09-16

Bummer... thanks for a great add-on and may the muse kiss you once again!

RE: IGN_COM - HeresJohnny - 2019-12-02

If you find some motivation, could you update the add-on for Kodi M (update to python3)? Thanks in advance!
Yes, some items played don't correspond to the titles in the list but I still find it entertaining to watch sometimes in a random kind of fashion.
In Kodi M there also seems to be a little issue where preview pics are not fetched. Instead, a placeholder is shown in front of the video title in the list.

RE: IGN_COM - Skipmode A1 - 2019-12-05

The addon should already work on a python 3 kodi.

RE: IGN_COM - xbishop - 2020-01-05

Hey Skipmode, does that mean that the IGN addon will be reenabled for Kodi M? If so that's the best news I've heard all day because I've been missing the ease that the addon provided in viewing trailers.

RE: IGN_COM - Skipmode A1 - 2020-01-06

Hija, i think it works on Kodi M for most stuff except the reviews. To try: go to my addons, rightclick on the ign addon, then choose enable. Then you can open the addon as before...

RE: IGN_COM - senna99 - 2022-03-06

Any news for kodi 19 ?

RE: IGN_COM - Skipmode A1 - 2022-03-07

Not really, the addon has been broken on Kodi 18 for a while now. And i don't know how to get it working again Sad

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