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CEOMR Media Center - kzr1y2 - 2008-04-25

Hi all,

Haven't seen much activity on the CEOMR Media Center skin in a while; few questions:

1) Can anyone modify a skin in the SVN?

2) If so, is there a special SVN (other than TortoiseSVN) application required?

3) How does one get 'write' access?

4) Must one be on IRC?

Advance thanks,


- Jezz_X - 2008-04-25

1) no
2) tortoiseSVN is fine
3) one of the team members (me, gamester, pike) have to give it to you
4) no

But your only going to get access to modify ceomr if you actualy get ceomr to send a PM or mail to one of the above people saying its ok for you to edit it.

Plus you probably need to prove that you know what your doing by maybe releasing a / update for it before it goes in svn (we can't just give everyone access to edit skins)

- kzr1y2 - 2008-04-25

Hi Jezz_X,

Makes sense, help keep 'quality control'. We haven't heard from CEOMR in a while and the skin is starting to show signs of problems as XBMC matures.

I'll look to make some changes over the next while; ok if I PM you when I've made some fixes so as to figure the best 'next steps' approach?



- kzr1y2 - 2008-04-26

Sorry ... clicked submit too quick ... I've noticed the issue since build 10833.

I've just finished compiling build 12816 and will give that a go over the weekend; I usually rename the existing install to .BAK and lay the new build down in a fresh 'XBMC' folder ... the only mods I make are adding playlists.



- kzr1y2 - 2008-04-26

disregard last post ... for some reason, it ended it the wrong thread ... must be a PEBKAC

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