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Pellucid [Kodi Leia] - thedeadman - 2018-02-25

Pellucid is a light, clean and carefully designed skin that is designed for maximum usability and minimum fuss. This skin is designed for - and works best with - locally stored content in a library.

Please note:
I do not and will not support video addons. They may work nicely, they may not. Please do not request help related to addons.
- Unlike other skins, viewtypes in Pellucid are hardcoded, automatic and cannot be changed by the user. This subforum repeatedly details my reasoning for this in excruciating detail - please take the time to read around before asking for help with views. I don't wish to be rude, but I will now simply ignore users who clearly fail to honour this reasonable request. 

- Full PVR support.
- Menu customisation using the "Skin Shortcuts" addon.
- Movie showcase: Unique to Pellucid, the movie information screen makes maximum use of any extra fanart.

Pellucid is available through the official Kodi Leia repository.

Github for latest code: https://github.com/chrisbevan/skin.pellucid

The new homescreen wallpapers were supplied by Dadebue. Check out his work at https://www.instagram.com/dadebue/

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - HydroDiOxide - 2018-05-27

Ran into this skin yesterday. Great, minimalistic skin and a good replacement for my beloved conq/igconq. Runs smoothly on my xbox one. I'm missing player controls though (M while playing on Windows/Linux, X on Xbox One controller). They're in the (great) right sliding menu for the Krypton skin.

Also, is it possible to keep the home menu items centred? I've only got two, and they're positioned slightly to the left as the skin seems to assume a minimum of four items.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-05-27


I'm torn on the player control issue. I'm still experimenting with the OSD and can't say i'm really happy with it. I may well go back to the side menu approach. In any case, player controls are required for the skin to be released officially so they'll be back one way or another. 

WRT the home menu, i'll see what I can do.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - HydroDiOxide - 2018-05-27

Great! Thanks for the quick reply. Going back to the sliding menu might be a good option. I've always liked the bottom menu in igconq as well though...

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-06-03

See latest commit. I've restored a slightly tweaked version of the side menu. Probably a few more tweaks to come, but i'm much happier with it than before. Cheers!

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - HydroDiOxide - 2018-06-16

Looking good.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - HydroDiOxide - 2018-06-16

I think I found a bug: the hide watched option doesn't work on the series level. The serie will still show up in the poster view with a star icon. Additionally, can you make a tick box or something for that setting? I think on/off is a bit confusing.

Any progress on the home screen item alignment?

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-06-17

Thanks for reporting HydroDiOxide, i'll look into that. 

Homescreen alignment is done and in the latest Git.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - MrPotatoe - 2018-06-20

Hello dear,
Big fan of your work, I've been using Pellucid for months on kodi V17 and for me it's the best skin available.

I just installed Leia to use the netflix addon, of course I installed pellucid leia, unfortunattly I have an issue with the netflix addon and this skin :
- When chosing a series or a season the loading icon show up but the information never does.

I tried with different skins and they work so it's not from the netflix addon.
Hope you can help me.

Best regards

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - HydroDiOxide - 2018-06-20

(2018-06-17, 18:26)thedeadman Wrote: Thanks for reporting HydroDiOxide, i'll look into that. 

Homescreen alignment is done and in the latest Git.
 Alignment looks great! Cheers.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-06-20

Thanks MrPotatoe!

This is going to be tricky as I don't have Netflix account... Can you let me know exactly which Netflix addon you're using and where I can get hold of it?

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - MrPotatoe - 2018-06-21

That's the plugin I use : https://github.com/asciidisco/plugin.video.netflix

It's the one that will make peolple install kodi Leia because no netflix addons are available for V17.

The problem I have is weird because the display should look like folder exploration...
If you want me to take videos or else, just let me know.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-06-21

Thanks, i'll have a look and see what's going on.

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - dadebue - 2018-07-11

Hey deadman,
I tried to send you a PM but unfortunately I'm not allowed to for some reasons. I installed your skin and I really dig it!! Clean, minimalistic and just beautiful. I'm a hobby photographer and changed the homescreen backgrounds to some pictures I took over the years. I have a few pictures that would fit your skin beautifully!!! If you're interested I could share them with you so you can decide whether you want to include them in future releases. For free of course Smile Just let me know...

RE: Pellucid [Kodi Leia testing] - thedeadman - 2018-07-12

Hi Dadebue,

That would be awesome - thanks! Just let me know where I can find them.

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