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DTS FLAC Music - Windows 10 - samburrows - 2018-02-27


Been really trying in vain to get this one working.

I have a lot of 5.1 surround sound albums which are FLAC Files with DTS @ 44,100Hz / 1262Kbps

These play with no issue on RPi OpenElec.

I'm moving to a Windows 10 installation - BeeLink AP34 with Intel 500 integrated graphics. Kodi is not playing any of these files but passes through all other surround sound audio files (e.g. movies with DTS audio or other multichannel flac files). When I attempt to play any of the DTS Flac files I just got buzzing and hissing.

Today I installed Foobar2000 on the same Windows 10 install and added the DTS plugin. Foobar2000 now plays these DTS Flac files perfectly so I know the hardware is capable of handling these files.

Can anyone give me any pointers? Been using Kodi for a long time but this one has stumped me!

Thanks ever so much in advance for any help. All suggestions gratefully received!

RE: DTS FLAC Music - Windows 10 - HeresJohnny - 2018-02-27

I have a very firm opinion about this kind of combination: It's an abomination. You put lossy music inside a lossless container. Please, never ever put those into circulation. The only thing that's worse is an MP3 file inside of a flac container.

RE: DTS FLAC Music - Windows 10 - samburrows - 2018-02-27

You are entitled to your opinion of course!

It doesn’t help me out much though. All I want to know is - If Kodi on a Linux OS can play the files and Foobar2000 on this Windows OS can play the files, AND they sound absolutely fantastic, is there anything I can do to help my Windows Kodi install play them?

If not then that’s fine, I just want to make sure I’ve exhausted all options.


RE: DTS FLAC Music - Windows 10 - jjd-uk - 2018-02-28

Are you using the WASAPI option for the audio device? if so we’ll need a debug log_file (wiki) of you playing one of these files. It should work but it does get broken unintentionally on occasion without anyone immediately noticing as DTS packed inside of either wav or flac aren’t very popular.

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