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Would you buy a VBox today? - ched - 2018-03-04

OK so the VBox had been round for a while now and there seem to have been a few updates so is it now a user friendly decent box?
I am OK with it being a bit complex to set up but I need it to be easy for the the other half to use. Ideally I want her to be able to use it via he Amazon TV Stick (not 4K one but 3 month old stick) via either the app or via Kodi and her android phone and tablet.
Do you think she will get on with it or will I continually keep getting 'why did you buy this piece of rubbish?'

Or is there a better alternative?

Thanks for any advice.

RE: Would you buy a VBox today? - ched - 2018-03-10

Well I ordered one!!! Hopefully I can enjoy the challenge of setting it up and just use Kodi on all my devices to connect to the VBox. Fingers crossed it will be reasonably reliable and my girlfriend can use it.

RE: Would you buy a VBox today? - dhallam - 2018-05-30

Hi I have had one for ages with no issues at all. I find it better running from the addon within kodi and have no issues running it from an Amazon fire tv, tested both gen 1 and 2.

It is a pain to get configured 1st time but once done runs fine on all our 4 kodi devices.

RE: Would you buy a VBox today? - ched - 2018-05-30

Mine so far has been great. I agree the Kodi addon is much more stable. Only thing I would say is you have to do things a bit slowly as it seems to crash if you trying to do too many things at once. Other than that it is very handy being able to view recordings on virtually any device in the house.

RE: Would you buy a VBox today? - dhallam - 2018-05-30

I’m running mine on a shield and a fire stick and not has any hanging on the guide. Got an Apple TV 4th gen as well that I’m having a play on.
I would make sure your on the latest firmware on the vbox as did have some issues on a previous version. But the latest versions are fine. I think I’m on the last firmware as had an email a few weeks ago about a new one. But not have the time to install it.

RE: Would you buy a VBox today? - wappinghigh - 2019-02-13

Gateway has been stable for years on Kodi LibreELEC until upgrdaded to 10 now it's broken

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