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Scanning Files never stops - HomerJau - 2018-03-10

I've noticed this for last few Leia alpha builds starting a couple weeks back.

When scanning my music library Kodi continues to scan some albums, cycling through same ones over and over. I have to reboot to stop Kodi scanning. (LibreElec NUC yesterdays build is latest I've tried)

It appears its 'odd-ball' albums with tags the universal scanner probably can't find. I don't have a log file but if this is not a known issue maybe someone can see why this would happen. It should only try and scan each album once, right? (Although the whole scanning process is multi cycle now even though everything is tagged and I have nfo files...)

I can grab a log file if required.

RE: Scanning Files never stops - Karellen - 2018-03-10

Yes, best to repeat the scan and provide the log file. Remember to first enable Debug mode in Settings>System Settings>Logging and restart Kodi.

RE: Scanning Files never stops - jjd-uk - 2018-03-10

Sounds a bit similar to this https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=328753

Do you also have Fetch additional info turned on? if so then does turning it off make any difference?

RE: Scanning Files never stops - sagrath - 2018-03-10

Same issue here!

I have NFO's to my music collection, and use local information only. If I add some artist WITHOUT a nfo file on folder, the scanning will cycling through album/artist and never stop. But the artist and album is add on library, I believe is because Fetch additional info is off. Need to test with option On.

RE: Scanning Files never stops - DaveBlake - 2018-03-12

Yeap, clearly there is a bug in v18 that I haven't located yet and it is as reported in the other thread.

I'm aware and will fix soonest (just been a bit busy).

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