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[split] Kodi & Music Videos - o0nightfire0o - 2018-04-14

i have two problems that im sure you all can help with, i have music videos that i added to be this way....
  music videos
        tatu - all the things she said

and when i added the source and such to my home buttom when i click it, it shows the file list and i have to click to get to the videos instead of it just showing up as soom as i click into it.... i know its a bad explanation lol.

second problem is the music video scraper isnt getting anything for the video, not sure whats wrong

RE: Kodi & Music Videos - HeresJohnny - 2018-04-14

You're not likely to receive support for a problem that is hidden inside someone else's thread. You should probably open your own thread.

music videos help please - Karellen - 2018-04-14


Have you correctly set up your Music Videos as described here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Music_videos

(there are no artist folders)

Thread Split

RE: Kodi & Music Videos - Angelinas - 2018-04-14

...name for group is

You will scrape wrong Group name with "tatu"

[split] [split] music videos help please - o0nightfire0o - 2018-04-15

ive even tried it this way too Music_videos (wiki)

RE: Music Videos - Powerhouse - 2018-04-15

From my own Music Video Collection...

Create a nfo file (t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said), and put this in it...

<title>All The Things She Said</title>
<album>200 km/h in the Wrong Lane</album>
<genre>Pop Rock</genre>

The actual Music Video should be named this...
t.A.T.u. - All About Us.mp4

or whatever extension you have for your Music Video (.mkv, .avi, etc).

RE: Music Videos - docwra - 2018-04-16

(2018-04-15, 06:49)o0nightfire0o Wrote: ive even tried it this way too Music_videos (wiki)

You just have to use the correct name, that's all


RE: Music Videos - o0nightfire0o - 2018-04-16

well folks i managed to get it scaped ok and the shortcut sorted out, think you for pointing me in the right detection lol

one more question, it doesnt seem to have anything as far as a summery of the artist or the video or whatever, do i need to make that NFO as suggested or do i need to use a different scraper for music videos?

RE: Music Videos - docwra - 2018-04-16

Which scraper are you using? If it's TheAudioDB scraper then it should have all the info, description/genre/year and artwork album cover. You can create some cool nodes with that data pretty easily or use the default nodes.

An nfo can provide even more data, but its a very manual process using text editors and stuff, not something I would personally bother with Smile

RE: Music Videos - o0nightfire0o - 2018-04-16

thats funny, im using TheAudioDB scraper and its not giving much info, just director, album and something else i forget now, no summery or anything

RE: Music Videos - docwra - 2018-04-17

Depends on what Skin you are using of course, I think confluence was the last one to show all that info.

RE: Music Videos - o0nightfire0o - 2018-04-17

that might be right, im just used to all the info shown when i go into my music, but music videos dont show that..... im using phenoenal right now

RE: Music Videos - docwra - 2018-04-17

Yep it's something I am working on at the moment but Estuary is quite difficult to follow with all the includes and shared parts of video with music video!

You can check it has the production company for example, just by browsing the nodes. Its in the DB, just not shown in the default skin.

My modified skin has also fixed the aspect ratio of the mvid thumb covers which sadly was rejected for including into mainline.

RE: Music Videos - scott967 - 2018-04-17

In general I think the intent in Music videos is to rely on the music library to provide artist and album info.  You can get "plot" displayed for MVs but that's about it.  The approach of using  the music library works for artists, but has never worked for albums.  You can use the MV "poster" art for an album cover though I prefer the frame-grab "thumbnail".

scott s.

RE: Music Videos - Klojum - 2018-04-20

@Josef12 : Please stay on-topic. Whoever your favourite artist is, is not really important here.

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