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Music library sort - Old Fart - 2018-04-16

Kodi ver 18. Estuary skin. Music Library sorted by artist and displays The Beatles correctly under T and not B

but the album The Alternate Revolver  is between Abby Road and Beatles for Sale and not in  Sgt. Pepper

Ignore articles when sorting is unchecked

Any advice on sorting please

RE: Music library sort - docwra - 2018-04-17

That release is a bootleg and has no year release on MusicBrainz(you could always add it).

I'm not sure if that is the problem but its worth fixing here:


Maybe your tags have the same issue.

RE: Music library sort - jjd-uk - 2018-04-17

Looking at that Musicbrainz entry it's named on there Alternative Revolver and is not prefixed by The so does the Kodi entry actually contain The in the title?

RE: Music library sort - Old Fart - 2018-04-19

That was perhaps a bad example was I was trying to get help on was that although the Artists sort correctly with bands with "The" in the title are in the T section but album names ignore "The" and show the album names out of sequence

RE: Music library sort - DaveBlake - 2018-04-20

I suspect that you may be seeing a sorting anomoly that comes from a fundamental flaw in the way that sorting is implemented, and nothing to do with ignoring articles. 

What sort order are you looking at? Do you see the albums in the correct/expected order when looking at the albums node (all the albums) sorted by "Album"? Does the odd order occur when looking at albums but sorted by "Artist" (implicitly this is a multi-field sort of artist name and abum title)?

Multi-field sorting, and most sort orders actually involve more than one field despite how they are named, has been implemented by a simple field contatenation approach. For example sorting album by "Artist", it combines artist name and album title into a single string and sorts that. Most times that works adequately, but it does not always give the same results as ordering first by artist name and then ordering those with same artist name by album title would give.

I have it on my todo list to refactor sorting, but it is a big job and meanwhile very few people notice that sorting has the glitch. It is discussed here
Well that is my best guess anyway.

RE: Music library sort - Old Fart - 2018-04-24

I have the library sorted by Artist and they show in the correct order"The Beatles" are in the T section. I  have the icon view selected and it shows the cover with the album name & artist displayed. This is where I have a problem if the title is The Beatles Story it comes after Beatles for Sale and is not alphabetically correct

RE: Music library sort - DaveBlake - 2018-04-24

I repeat, I believe you are experiencing a longstanding and known bug but you don't provide enough information for me to be absolutely sure.

Is it when you are viewing just the albums by The Beatles, having say clicked them in the list of artists, and the albums are sorted by Album or by Artist? Or when you are viewing all albums, say having clicked on the albums node, and again with what sort on that node?

Perhaps post some screen shots?

RE: Music library sort - Powerhouse - 2018-04-24

You have the Album sort set to Year, which is why you are seeing "The Beatles Story" released November 1964, and "Beatles for Sale" released December 1964.


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