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RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-04-15

EctoOne Wrote:[..] If so, I will change it to ListItem.Art(poster) on my end.
There's no list in VideoFullScreen.xml

EctoOne Wrote:But now I'm curious, how do you manage your library?
I don't. I let kodi scrape all the artwork because life's too short to micro manage that crap. Wink

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - EctoOne - 2019-04-15

Well having no list is obviously not the way to go then. I only had the wiki open and not the code, so that was my initial train of thought to fix that issue.

So Kodi doesn't scrape thumbnails then? Guess then it really would be the best way to delete all of my thumbs and disable them for feature additions. I mean Quartz was the first skin that showed them before you fixed that for me. Learning something new everyday. Smile

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - EctoOne - 2019-04-22

Question: Is there a specific reason why the following line (312) exists in the Includes_Variables.xml?

<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.Path,videodb://movies/sets/)">$LOCALIZE[20457]</value>

It does replace the Plot description for all Movie Collections with just the string Movie Set.
I'm not very familiar with all the changes, but it feels like an old feature when Movie Collections had no plots. I even thought that was a feature from an addon when I tried to implement that on my version but it is not. So I changed the line to:

<value condition="ListItem.IsCollection + String.IsEmpty(ListItem.Plot)">$LOCALIZE[20457]</value>
Now the Movie Set string will only show up when a Collection has no Plot.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-04-22

I suspect you're right about that logic predating movie set info. Regardless the reasoning, I'm fine with that treatment; preferring a consistent presentation rather than a mix of sets w/wo metadata. No plans to change it on my end.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - EctoOne - 2019-04-22

Understandable. I tried to add descriptions to sets that had none scraped automatically, but I gave up on that because that was too much work. Even for me. Smile

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - jim_p - 2019-09-16

Since your github repo does not allow issue reporting anymore, I will report one I found a couple of days ago, here.
Quartz needs a mute icon and preferably one that won't stay in the middle of the screen.

When muting kodi, either via pressing vol down until volume reaches zero


or via the mute button (f8), which mutes it instanly, regardless of the volume at that time 


the osd volume bar just stays there.
In confluence, an icon pops up on the top right corner when muting kodi, with either way, and the volume bar dissappears.

p.s. Link to the imgur gallery showing both images, in case something goes wrong, e.g. images may be too big.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-09-16

Already implemented on my side. Been sitting on it for months waiting for some other brainstorm or bug fix to justify another patch.

(2019-09-16, 10:53)jim_p Wrote: Since your github repo does not allow issue reporting anymore [..]
By design. I prefer all support issues be funneled through this forum so you can stop bringing that to my attention because it's never going to change. Wink

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-10-14

Skin version 5.4.8 has been submitted to the kodi repo.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - ozzyman - 2019-10-17

Hello. I wonder
1- why there is no Radio section. I merged my playlist in simple client and it has radio section. Now when i listening radio first I switch to another skin and back to Quartz.
2- Why logo of radios in music addons not dissappear on screen. I listen radio sometimes long time and I scare from burn-in.

Currently I'm using mostly Quartz because It's really useful with my remote and I don't need to enable mouse for doing simple things. But these two reason bugging me.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-10-17

Radio is not supported in quartz. Sorry mate.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - jim_p - 2019-11-02

Some minor issues with 5.4.8.

- The new mute icon is not visible while a video is playing. It is visible when an audio file is playing and in the kodi menus.
- When pressing the codec info button ("o" by default), both the codec info overlay and the info overlay ("i" button by default) come up, although the info one is below. Then you press "o" again, and the info overlay stays there, so you have to press "i" to hide it too.
- (possibly related to the above) When a fixed length video (= not a live stream) is playing and you press the arrow buttons and skip all the way to the end of the video, when kodi exits to the menu, it shows the info of that video, so you have to press "i" or "esc" to go back to the menu showing all the videos.

The above were verified on debian testing x64 and libreelec 9.2beta2 x64, both on kodi 18.4. The forementioned behavior does not occur on confluence and I do not use other skins.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-11-02

jim_p Wrote:- The new mute icon is not visible while a video is playing. It is visible when an audio file is playing and in the kodi menus.
Correct. I chose to mimic estuary's behavior here. No mute icon over the player except when the video OSD is displayed. That exception is not implemented yet. This scheme should also apply to the fullscreen music player. That is doesn't was an oversight on my part.

Other two issues confirmed. Thanks for pointing these out.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - nonJon - 2019-11-05

@jim_p, et al,

My GitHub repo has been updated to address these issues. Not sure when the next patch will come so help yourself to a manual update if you like.


RE: QUARTZ - Leia - jim_p - 2019-11-17

The "extra info" issues seem to be fixed in 5.4.9, so please upload it to the kodi repos when you can. Thank you for your work.

p.s. I am sorry for the delay, but I am not checking kodi forums as frequently as I check my github.

RE: QUARTZ - Leia - EctoOne - 2019-11-21

Hey, thanks for the update. I found a small issue a while ago which I forgot to report. When on the file manager screen, the path on the right side extends to the left and therefore can overlap the path of left side if it's a long path.

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