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Worse than a bank! - jglazer63 - 2018-04-27

I constantly have issues logging into this site.   I try my password which is one of many, and it fails.  So I try a different one.  Then I request my password be reset.  Takes about 30 mins to get that email.  So then I click the link to reset the password only to be notified that the new password is now emailed to me.  Takes about 30 mins to get that email.  Then I try to log in with the new password and am informed that I have to wait 15 minutes because there are too many attempts.  Come on!   My bank doesn't even have this much security to get into my account.   By the time I am finally able to log in I have forgotten what I wanted to ask!

Worse than a bank! - Koying - 2018-04-27

Best solutions in order:
1) Use a password manager
2) Write down your questions

RE: Worse than a bank! - jglazer63 - 2018-04-27

1004) lighten up on the security here

RE: Worse than a bank! - Karellen - 2018-04-27

A simple username and password is not more security than a bank.

I would suggest whatever issues you are experiencing are peculiar to your system. Are you using a Proxy or VPN? Blockers of any type?

RE: Worse than a bank! - jglazer63 - 2018-04-27

Its not the content of the username/password.  Its the 2.3 strikes and you're out that is painful.

RE: Worse than a bank! - nickr - 2018-04-27

Remember your password.

RE: Worse than a bank! - tjay260476 - 2018-04-28

OK, I’ll give you a reason for this, it’s not kodi specific, more internet security here.

I have an email server at home, I have set it so that multiple attempts of wrong passwords are blocked by IP address for 24 hours. This is only for about 5 users on my server.

Now, this is Team Kodi’s server, and forums are well known to get more spam than emails. So to keep the forum side of things going, it is set quite high.

As a former moderator of a different forum, we had spam so bad I had spent a weekend locking down threads that where infected.

I like Kodi was a volunteer, but the only moderator, yes it is over zealous, but this way it keeps the moderation job a lot easier to do, but it comes at the expense of extra security on the site,

Hope that helps.

RE: Worse than a bank! - Klojum - 2018-04-28

(2018-04-27, 19:23)jglazer63 Wrote: I constantly have issues logging into this site.   I try my password which is one of many, and it fails. So I try a different one.
This is where password managers come in. All modern web browsers have them.

Login credentials are also stored on a cookie on your computer (if allowed by the user). I've been able to auto-login onto the Kodi forum without a glitch for many years. The only moment that there was a small problem was while installing the new forum (after our previous forum server was 'lost'...), but that is already a long time ago.

If you have tools to regularly "clean" your PC, including deleting cookies, yes you may loose your Kodi forum login credentials. In any way, I say the Kodi forum is not the problem that needs solving. If it was the Kodi forum's problem, we would have so many more 'unhappy customers'. And if you don't store the Kodi forum credentials on your computer, I'm sure there is always a piece of paper and a pencil around.

RE: Worse than a bank! - jglazer63 - 2018-04-28

Lol nevermind. wow

RE: Worse than a bank! - ronie - 2018-04-30

our forum sends out a lot of emails, a new reply to a popular thread may trigger hundreds of emails to be queued to every user who has subscribed to that thread.

to prevent being listed as a spammer, the forum has to send out those emails in small batches.
therefor, during 'peak' hours on the forum, it may take some minutes for an email to arrive.

the 'lockout' period after several failed login attempts is obviously a security measure against brute-force passwords attacks,
i don't think anyone (in their right mind) would really want us to disable this feature.

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