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RE: Get Kodi on the app store - DanTheMan827 - 2018-06-04

Just a couple of my thoughts...
  • I think MrMC is somewhere between an old and new version of Kodi... older base with newer features... I could be completely wrong on that though
    • The price I think is quite reasonable considering it's one of the best local media players available on tvOS

  • I really don't think there'd be a problem where people take your source code, compile their own version, and release it on the App Store... 
    • I don't believe it's happened with MrMC
    • Apple would probably reject it because it duplicates functionality of an existing app
Would proper Kodi in the App Store be nice? Sure... but it wouldn't be the Kodi most people expect since it would basically be MrMC rebranded back to Kodi anyways...

One thing I very much dislike about MrMC is that it doesn't have the Estuary skin... it has one that looks like it, but certain features are missing... not sure what the specific reason is for that... theme engine differences perhaps?

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - Smiggel - 2018-08-24

@DanTheMan827 I agree with you that missing Estuary on MrMC sucks. The skins installed are all not the best unfortunately.

The altered version of Confluence is somewhat ok. It used to be my default skin, but after Estuary it feels really old.

A nice working version of Kodi on Apple TV with Estuary would have been great.

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - allan87 - 2021-09-11

(2018-05-07, 13:28)Memphiz Wrote: I just see zero benefits in having kodi in the AppStore according to the user count on iOS and the burden it contains for making Kodi compatible and the loops it would need to please their reviewers.
Obviously the user count is going to be low: when you sideload it on an Apple device you have to do it every seven days. That is an unreasonable nuisance for a user, and the sole reason I have not installed it.

I have tried MrMC, by the way. I have found it fussy, buggy, and I hate the skins.

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - Beankylla - 2021-09-13

Yup, but understand nobody wants to put any effort in here.

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - Fuzzard - 2021-09-13

PRs are always welcome.

If someone wants to dive in, just ask questions. Happy to provide all the info we can.

Unfortunately it's not a small task, and it essentially starts with implementing something like metalangle (started down this route once), or a full metal/Vulkan renderer to remove the dependency of opengles. The removal of OpenGL/ES is a hard requirement of the app store for new app submissions.

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - DanTheMan827 - 2021-09-13

Oh jeeze, this thread was bumped from 2018...

Python with included addons would likely be allowed by Apple, repos probably would not.

Apple sometimes lets apps load external code provided that the code is completely viewable and editable by the user, this is how apps like iSH exist on the App Store.

@Fuzzard Wouldn't implementing MetalANGLE be fairly straightforward being a compatibility wrapper for OpenGL ES? It appears that it's just a drop-in replacement (although things aren't always as they appear)

RE: Get Kodi on the app store - Fuzzard - 2021-09-13

That's the theory. I got the dependency all sorted then got bored.

Doesn't really interest me the rest of it, so never went any further

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