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Harmony Elite Does Not Power-off Kodi - wingman1487 - 2018-05-31

Anyone using the Harmony Elite with Hub connected via Bluetooth successfully shutting down Kodi with the original Power button?  I've tried to map any of the power buttons using the Keymap add on but that add on does not see any of the power buttons as an actual button, which makes me wonder if they don't actually send anything via Bluetooth.

I've also tried mapping an arbitrary key like "O" in the Keymap add on to the Global > System > Shutdown, however this only causes Kodi to close, and the system not to shutdown.  A little stumped if anyone has any ideas or some more success than I.

RE: Harmony Elite Does Not Power-off Kodi - wingman1487 - 2018-06-04

Just wanted to reply with my findings and end result to get this working.

I setup in the Keymap setting the Global > System > Shutdown to map to Win + Ctrl + 1, this for some reason does not actually shutdown the computer (Windows) but shuts down Kodi, leaving me at the desktop.  I then put together a batch file with "shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00" and created a shortcut to it that had the short key mapping of Win + Ctrl + 1.  In the Harmony app I modified the power steps to call this set of buttons twice with a 2 second delay between both.  Now its at least shutting down, maybe not the cleanest method, but functional.  Just putting this out there for anyone else who's curious or has input.  Enjoy.

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