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PeerTube - Glandos - 2018-06-21

Hi everyone,

I wanted to talk about PeerTube. It's still in alpha, but yet functional tentative of having a federated and decentralized video platform, with the following features:
  • Self-hosted
  • Federated: an instance can reference videos from other instances at will
  • Peer-to-peer streaming: viewed videos are streamed from the server and using webtorrent
It's kind of Mastodon, but for videos.

PeerTube is currently developed by one developer, and it needs … support. Of course, a lot of you can help without money, by reporting bugs, testing, translating, requesting helpful features. But for other, there is a donation ongoing on KissKissBankBank.

I don't know if PeerTube will grow really big. But it's interesting for Kodi as a new source of videos, with the possibility of re-streaming videos to others.

Last words: this might sounds like an off-topic, and/or an advertisement. Honestly, I read the rule, and it might be completely irrelevant, and even disturbing. If a moderator find it completely out of scope, don't hesitate to delete this.

RE: PeerTube - DarrenHill - 2018-06-21

Let's put it into the off topic section as people may be interested in it.

But it's not (yet) something directly related to Kodi.

RE: PeerTube - Stemy - 2019-07-13

(2018-06-21, 18:15)DarrenHill Wrote: But it's not (yet) something directly related to Kodi.

Until now

RE: PeerTube - dupjrm - 2021-02-06

You can use the built-in kodi rss media source. Rss links can be easily found on peertube.
This trick does not use the p2p system but does the job while waiting for a true p2p plugin.

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