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- Meglivorn - 2009-06-12

It's true that if you only want your system to play movies (and listen to music) as I do, you can have linux.
The problem is that I don't know anything about it (ok, I know that I would be able to handle it but never cared anyway and I really don't want to start learning it for my mediapc), and even VDPAU has it's limits as I read the article about trying it on the ION ref. box.
For mention: sadly I(and in big part my family) need subtitles and most (and best) of them are in SSA/ASS format in .mkv.

I don't say that we can't live without GPU decoding or it MUST be done. But don't deny it would be a great feature. Multiplatform is important but if it's possible that the program be modular and on win (or only win7/vista) use dx, linux use opengl, etc. If you can choose to let the CPU does all the rendering (and you use an old videocard becouse it still does the job) or make a newer GPU do the work and make a silent, maybe even cheaper system... hey, it's the best.
Don't misunderstood me, XBMC still the best I met, it made me want a mediapc again, after I gave up the idea half year ago becouse all the other software I found was lacking something, while XBMC did all the job by only a single install. The Library is fantastic, it made me want to rip my dvd collection and use the original disks as "safe backup".
But I would love a DXVA support, I see in MPC-HC how good it is. (And no, external player is not the answer.)

- eriksmith200 - 2009-06-12

this topic is getting slightly off track

- ajp8164 - 2009-06-13

BrokenCodes - Just wondering when you expect to be able to post at least an early version of your work. Please let us know - it doesn't have to be perfect - there are a number of us that are ready to begin testing and contributing! Thanks for your hard work and (pending) contribution Cool

- ashlar - 2009-06-15

BrokenCodes hates us and doesn't want us to play with his creature... Sad

BC, give us some updates, some love, something. Smile

- Cragz - 2009-06-17

Signed up to register my interest in this development; sounds fantastic, but the proof will be in the potentially delicious pudding.

Fingers firmly crossed.

- ashlar - 2009-06-17

Unfortunately the lack of news is not so good for a project that several developers have already expressed doubts about.

- Cragz - 2009-06-17

I agree entirely. It does appear, however, that pessimism brought only rebukes from the developer and as such I thought I'd be rathermore optimistic.

BrokenCodes, if this is real then everyone's behind you 100%. Even if you've run into trouble and can't get past it nobody will judge you, there are plenty of others who've fallen at similar hurdles and more still who'd like to try and help.

That said, if it isn't real, I'm sure the fun is in the dangling of the golden carrot and we'll hear nary a peep from here on in. C'est la vie, whatever floats some peoples' boats.

- ashlar - 2009-06-17

I was honestly optimistic when I first read about it. Then silence fell. I was expecting that BC had first broken the news when he was close to releasing something, even if only for developers consumption.

Edit: somebody rightly made me notice that my choice of words might be a tad on the strong side. With "silence fell" I simply meant that, considering the skepticism that BC's announcement was met with, I expected some very early working code just to show that what he theorized was indeed working on his machine.

I don't want to sound too impatient, sorry if I did just that.

- Gamester17 - 2009-06-17

Please give the man some space, nagging does not make people code faster, rather the opposite!

From now on please do not post in this thread unless you have something constructive to share!

Remember that this is a hobby project that people code for in their spare time for free! Stare

- BrokenCodes - 2009-06-20

I've been really busy lately, huge government project requires 100% of my attention. I received the vid card, and realized AFTER receiving it, it requires me to have a new motherboard too. This is not a huge issue, but puts a delay into my testing phase. My implementation consists of a simple wrapper, to use the mpc-hc decoder. My suspicion is that some cards will have issues.

I will post the wrapper code soon, no worries... and it will work with a simple #define to either allow or block it, not a huge code change.

- waldo22 - 2009-06-21

Thanks BC!


- XBMCG33K - 2009-06-21

thanks for the update BC.

- ashlar - 2009-06-21

Yup, thanks for the update.

My overall opinion is that the real marriage made in heaven would be for a developer to bring the whole MPC-HC "engine" inside the Windows version of XBMC. What you are doing could probably be the first step in that direction.

Unless... maybe re-reading what you wrote, the net result of your work could be the same?

- CrashX - 2009-06-22

04:26 Changeset [21185] by yuvalt
create branch for directx and (hopefully) dxva

hmm I wonder what is going on ...

- davilla - 2009-06-22

quick, someone shut the curtains Smile