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Ellipsis for Xbox (EX) skin for XBMC - Blackbolt - 2008-05-20

Hi Guys,

I feel like a newbie to the skinning scene I've been away so long. Basically I'm approaching a realistic goal of releasing my new skin for XBMC before the end of the summer. I have a bit of work to do on it, but I thought I'd begin a topic now so I can show off what I've been working on.

So firstly, a little about what Ellipsis or 'EX' is. EX is designed to be a primarily icon based navigation UI, meaning text or words will be used as little as possible in the GUI, only in the settings menus and also for file names. This simplistic form of navigation lends itself universally for use by everyone young and old regardless of age.

Now some pictures of what I have so far:

Home Screen: Image

Video OSD: Image

Video OSD Menu: Image

Some of the goals I'm aiming for with Ellipsis:

* Simplistic Navigation
* Sleek Design
* HD Dedicated GUI

I will have more very soon, I'm just waiting on a PC Upgrade to get at a lot of my stuff. Nerd

- Voinage - 2008-05-20

Beautiful skin Sir, i seem to remember seeing that skin or something like it on your old website many moons ago.Thought it was great then.

uncluttered,stylish and very tasteful.

Can`t wait.


- mxxx - 2008-05-20

how strange, i was just thinking about this skin this morning, remembered seeing it on your website aaaages ago.

looks absolutely gorgeous. the closest thing i've got to a sleek and elegant skin at the moment is the Apple TV-based one, but this looks fantastic. good luck!

- IllumiNaughty - 2008-05-20

Can't wait to download it, and theme it!

- Ayala - 2008-05-20

looks fresh look forward to it

- aart - 2008-05-20

yeah, nice to hear from you bolt, been waiting for this for ages!! Smile

- MikeBeecham - 2008-05-20

I think I just saw two black cats walking in front of me *shudders* - Deja Vu.

It's really nice BB, but 2 new screens a skin does not make. Could I suggest leaving off a release date until you're sure that you'll have a skin to release..it saves things getting a little sticky if you know what I mean Big Grin

That said, those new screens do look good, and I also cant wait to see it on my tv!

- Hitcher - 2008-05-20

Cool. I thought this skin might have been forgotten about but I'm sure glad it's finally getting off the ground.

- djtoll - 2008-05-20

I am pleased once again what EX heard. BB makes it already, I can wait.

@ MikeBeecham from "Fluid" I've also seen nothing yet. Big Grin

Both skins should be a surprise, and this is a good thing.

- MikeBeecham - 2008-05-20

djtoll Wrote:@ MikeBeecham from "Fluid" I've also seen nothing yet. Big Grin

Indeed, but I'm not advertising it till it's done Tongue

- craze7 - 2008-05-20

looks class man, good luck with it.

- Cimlite - 2008-05-20

Those shots look fantastic. Really looking forward to this being released.

- Blackbolt - 2008-05-20

Hi Mike,

thanks for your comments, but I think I like the idea of showing people stuff every step of the way. When I developed MC360 with so many peeps, we kept it so secret, only releasing the odd video and odd screenshot, that I felt cut off from the people actually wanting to use it. At least this way I can interact and adjust the skin based on people's ideas and observations.

To everyone else's kind comments, thanks for being so kind and welcoming. Wink

There will be a lot more stuff asap, just waiting on a few bits for my new PC so I can actually get access to all my Ellipsis goodies. Big Grin

- wreezig - 2008-05-21

Also, don't forget to get the website up and running good again.

- kimgitz - 2008-05-21

Hey BB
Nice to hear from you....welcome back although like JayZ u never really left...
I too like the idea of letting people have a glipmse of the future...
I think since MC360 success a few lessons have been learnt and things should be managed better so that "things dont get out of hand"
U'll find that the feedback people gave on MC360 conbined with the skills of the devs is what made it a great skin, doing otherwise u run a risk of developing and implementing stuff that may appeal to the devs but maynot sink in well with the end-users.
Wish you well and hopefuly i get 2 use the skin come end of summer....! second the suggestion of getting the website up and running smoothly again!