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Best file arrangement for disc set art - Wanderer189 - 2018-08-04

I am running v17.6 and completely redoing my HUGE music library, mainly artwrok. How do I set up Kodi, directory structure and file name for something like a box set with 5 cd's and it show the correct disc?

I have been setting them up as Artist>Album>Disc #>songs and disc art. Then renaming that disc with a (Disk #) at the end in the tag. But all I can get is the disc 1 to appear on all of them.

RE: Best file arrangement for disc set art - DaveBlake - 2018-08-04

This question is best as its own post, not tacked on the end of an old and soon to be outdated guide.

Handling of art work for disc sets is weak in v17 and before, but improved for v18. See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330961 for discussion of what file layout (and tagging) works.  Since you are "completely redoing" your library it could be best to try out v18.

You also may be interetsed in the Artist Information Folder - a new way to add art and nof files for any artist (not just album artists with musc files in the correct strict layout)

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