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My Kodi-Setup - HolgerKuehn - 2018-08-25

Hi folks,

I'm using Kodi since it's early Helix-Release and enjoyed this showcase-thread ever since, from small to really big setups. And so time has come to finally present my own setup here.

Usually I'm using the first room that is shown in the gallery and on this picture:


The gallery is hosted on my own NAS, but we will get to it later in this post.

So what is used in terms of hardware here:
  1. Room 1
    • Philips 32" TV - 32PFL3606H
    • Panasonic BD-Recorder - DMR-BST700
    • Philips AVR - HTR5204
    • Nvidia Shield 2017 Pro
    • HDMI Switch with Optical Audio Splitter
    • Harmony Hub with Harmony Elite and Flirc
  2. Room 2
    • Panasonic 40" TV - TX-40DSW504S
    • Panasonic BD-Recorder - DMR-BST700EG
    • Bose AVR - MC-1
    • Nvidia Shield 2017 Pro
    • Harmony Hub with Harmony Elite and Flirc
  3. Room 3
    • Philips 37" TV - 37PFL9603D
    • Amazon FireTV 2nd Generation
  4. Sever - QNAP NAS - TS853A
    • SSL Certificate
    • 8x WDC WD40EFRX-68WT0N0 80.00A80 / RAID-6
  5. Network
    • AVM Fritz!Box 7490
    • AVM Fritz!Repeater 1750E
    • TP-Link Switch - 5xTL-SG108E
I haven't been able to hard-wire the rooms yet, so between different rooms 5GHz-WiFi is connecting them. Effectively providing about 75MB/s transfer, plenty for my needs for HD content. Each room is using one WiFi-Repeater and then distributing it via LAN.

PS: If you can not access the gallery, please let me know. I'm hosting this one myself and I just did a quick test.

RE: My Kodi-Setup - tjay260476 - 2018-08-25

Nice setup there! Also great to see a fellow person using his own server/NAS to host your own stuff! (As in websites)

If you haven’t yet, look in my signature to have a gander at my setup...!

My living room is similar to yours, as in large TV, AVR, but use the Raspberry Pi instead of Nvidia.

RE: My Kodi-Setup - HolgerKuehn - 2018-08-26

Hi tjay,

your post was one of the last I've seen that brought me to post here as well.

For the hosting part, I'm accessing some files from my smartphone via WebDAV. So I had the web server running and didn't have any other place to post the pictures. Personally I don't like those free hosters much.

I've edited some of the used hardware parts; for Kodi and the software configuration more will follow.

RE: My Kodi-Setup - HolgerKuehn - 2018-08-26

So the next part will be about the Kodi-installation and it's configuration.

As there are three Kodi installs and all of them should be able to show the same media, they all run the same version as of now Kodi Leia 18 beta 1. Usually I'm updating it on a weekly basis. The video- and music-databases are stored on a MariaDB-Service on the QNAP-Server.

For organizing the video- and music-data I'm using Collectorz MovieCollector and MusicCollector. The XML-Export these tools provide will be transformed by a small C#-programm I've written into Kodi-Folder-structure and nfo-files imported directly by Kodi.

Currently I've catalogued about 3,92TB of movies and tv-shows to be seen via Kodi. It's all HEVC-coded and in most cases HD Content.

I'll add some pictures for a TV-Show in storage and it's transformed Kodi-folder-structure later.

RE: My Kodi-Setup - Klojum - 2018-08-26

Your images are currently not working. Perhaps better upload them via imgur.com ..?

RE: My Kodi-Setup - HolgerKuehn - 2018-08-26

(2018-08-26, 10:55)Klojum Wrote: Your images are currently not working. Perhaps better upload them via imgur.com ..?
Should work again. The WebDAV rules prevented the website from working. I'll look into imgur ...

RE: My Kodi-Setup - tjay260476 - 2018-08-27

I think you need to resize the images if you are hosting at home, as they are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW loading!

I have a feeling you might have just added your photos straight from your camera so these photos are going to be large, and it doesn't matter how fast someones download is - your upload speed will be the contributing factor.

Nice to know that I have inspired someone to show and tell too!