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RE: Bello 7 for Leia 18.x - Morphy99 - 2021-07-07

(2021-07-06, 12:42)jim_p Wrote: Does anyone have a working installation of bello 7? I tried to install it yesterday on my tvbox that runs coreelec 9.2.7 (kodi 18.9).
At first, it failed to install some skin helper something addon (script.skin.helper.*). It got installed after 2 or 3 retries.

But when I loaded the skin, it showed an almost blank window with no menu in the middle and kodi did not react to any button presses. After a forced reboot, kodi failed to start many times and was crashing constanly, so all I could do is to wipe ~/.kodi completely and start fresh!
I just tried it on a fresh install of Libreelec 9.2.7 and it installs and runs fine. Maybe it didn't download all the dependencies if one failed? I would say there's something up with your environment rather than this skin.

That being said wiping the whole .kodi directory is a bit extreme, you should just have to edit the guisettings.xml and change skin back to skin.default if you're having problems with the skin. Libreelec goes into safe mode after a number of failed boots as well.

RE: Bello 7 for Leia 18.x - jim_p - 2021-07-07

I know that libreelec goes to safe mode, it even showed a big fat message on next boot, but I made a big goof when it did.
There was a kodi-failed folder and the regular .kodi one, so I was relieved at first and thought "ok now let's exit kodi (systemctl stop kodi) and do the rename". And when I exited it, the kodi-failed folder was deleted!

On top of that, I read somewhere in the forum that script.skin.herlper.something is no longer supported.

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