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RE: Weatherbit.io - ronie - 2018-12-03

the addon fails to get any weather data from weatherbit.io
most likely cause is you've entered an invalid api key

RE: Weatherbit.io - PatK - 2018-12-03

Last update 0.0.12 and it works a treat, maps and all. Thanks Ronie.

RE: Weatherbit.io - Southernw2018 - 2018-12-03

Well I am a fool !!! I had entered the weathermap in both windows ... corrected that following your review of my log and all is working perfectly.

Many thanks for your work and your pathience.



RE: Weatherbit.io - melons2 - 2018-12-05

I made a request a few months back for a new weather addon after it appeared that WU was not going to be around much longer.
I want to say what a great job ronie has done on developing this new weather addon.
This is fantastic and does a great job completely replacing WU.

ronie...........Thank you very much!

RE: Weatherbit.io - clones - 2018-12-31

(2018-11-11, 19:10)ronie Wrote: i wonder if the addon is saving the location you've selected.

could you test the following:
- go to the weather addon settings and search for 'London'
- select the first location for the list of results, and click ok to save the settings.

next, open this file in a text editor:

and check if these two lines are present:
    <setting id="Location1">London (GB)</setting>
    <setting id="Location1deg" default="true">[&apos;51.5073&apos;, &apos;-0.1277&apos;]</setting>
 Finally had time to look at this, since my last post I am now up to Leia RC3, uninstalled weatherbit.io, restarted kodi, downloaded weatherbit.io, entered my information, and now all is good. Not sure what my initial problem was but it's fine now. Thank you again for the nice addon.

RE: Weatherbit.io - Hairybiker - 2019-01-04

Trying to get this running under Android. Kodi 18 RC.
It accepts the locations but doesn't enter ANY geoip stuff. 
"    <setting id="Debug" default="true">false</setting>
    <setting id="LatLon" default="true">false</setting>
    <setting id="Location1">Galashiels (GB)</setting>
    <setting id="Location2">York (GB)</setting>
    <setting id="Location3">Durham (GB)</setting>
    <setting id="Location4">Coldingham (GB)</setting>
    <setting id="Location5" default="true"></setting>
    <setting id="MAPAPI" default="true"></setting>
    <setting id="WMaps" default="true">false</setting>
    <setting id="Zoom">4</setting>"

Tried adding London but get same result.
Any ideas?

RE: Weatherbit.io - pirlone - 2019-01-06

can't get any weather information. could it be because I signed for API key only a few hours ago?

here is my kodi log: behilozeso.kodi (paste)

and my settings:


    <setting id="API" value="2919b40d392746bba712a82b31f11c7bj" />
    <setting id="Debug" value="true" />
    <setting id="LatLon" value="true" />
    <setting id="Location1" value="Porec (HR)" />
    <setting id="Location1deg" value="[&apos;45.2258&apos;, &apos;13.5939&apos;]" />
    <setting id="Location2" value="" />
    <setting id="Location2deg" value="" />
    <setting id="Location3" value="" />
    <setting id="Location3deg" value="" />
    <setting id="Location4" value="" />
    <setting id="Location4deg" value="" />
    <setting id="Location5" value="" />
    <setting id="Location5deg" value="" />
    <setting id="MAPAPI" value="1186d4101a5b51dd1db32f0b18efc7e8g" />
    <setting id="WMaps" value="false" />
    <setting id="Zoom" value="4" />

RE: Weatherbit.io - ronie - 2019-01-06

according to weatherbit.io, activation should happen within 5-20 mins.
most likely you've entered the api key incorrectly.

RE: Weatherbit.io - pirlone - 2019-01-06

you are absolutely right! sorry for beeing such a noob.

tnx a lot

RE: Weatherbit.io Expert Feature - newsbeast - 2019-01-07


How much of a pain in the butt would it be to add the Expert config option to this addon -- such as is in the openweathermap (Depreciated) addon? Weatherbit addon never grabs the correct city details for my actual location, but the data exists on their web interface. For that matter openweathermap addon doesn't do what I want without entering the city code via the Expert setting option. Cool feature

This would be cool especially since openweather map is marked as Depreciated.

Thanks a tonne @ronie

RE: Weatherbit.io - ronie - 2019-01-07

weathermap.io doesn't use city codes anymore. i've recently changed it to latitude & longitude.
if you'd like to manually change those the easiest way would be to edit:

RE: Weatherbit.io - newsbeast - 2019-01-08

ll be happy to give your suggestion a try. Looks easy enough



RE: Weatherbit.io - melons2 - 2019-01-08

Why is it that we don't get data (nothing displays on my setup) for the 36 hour or Weekend views?
Can it be fixed?

RE: Weatherbit.io - ronie - 2019-01-08

sorry, neither is supported by this addon.

Maps shown are always for Location 1. No Celsius. - msfc - 2019-01-16

Just installed this in Leia RC3 after discovering the WU was deprecated when I had to create a new profile and couldn't install it, though it was still working in the old profile. I have 2 problems:
  1. The maps shown are always for my Location 1 even when my Location 2 is selected and its data is being displayed at the top of the weather display. (I have identical Locations 1 & 2 set in weatherbit and openweathermap.)
  2. There is no way to select display of the info in metric, e.g., temp. in celsius. WU supported that. I'm on macOS and my locale is set to one with temp in celsius, so if WB is supposed to follow the locale, it isn't working.
I also have a problem with setting a location to San Jose (US). This is a weatherbit.io & openweathermap service issue. The same thing happens with a search on their web sites but they do not provide any way to report problems. They both give half-a-dozen hits with that search, none of which is actually in or near San Jose. I will have to try editing the setting file to add lat & long directly.