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- tbird2340 - 2009-03-02

How seamless will this be? The lacking support of having multiple libraries is really a downer when coming from a front end that did support it (ie: Meedio)..

I would like to have numerous libraries (one for my movies, one for my daughter's movies, one for ufc events, etc) but XBMC just supports one movie library and one tv library..

Are there any plans to implement a multiple library system?


- Roborob - 2009-03-02

I Did use Meedio before and switched to XBMC and it is great, Only thing is what you just mentioned. There are two ways to solve it, 1 make a profile for your daughter and a profile for yourself you can switch within XBMC and use different folders/library's. 2: There was A person who edited some xml files, and he explanes how he did that, search function will help, don't know wich thread is was, if i'll find it I'll post a link to it. I know that in Meedio it was very easy and I miss that too, Don't want to edit XML and don't want to change profiles , I had library's for Music DVD, Top Movies, Documentary and so on. Maybe it is not so difficult to add this option if you have some skills. I don't have them Sad

- sho - 2009-03-02

XBMC has a multiple library system implemented.
Even if it's not an exact copy of how Meedio does it, it's there.
Since this profile switching is pretty recent, why don't you try it out and tell us what you think?
I personally have no use for it atm, so I will not do the legwork for you.
But looking at it with the XBMC knowledge I have, I would program a button or two on my universal remote to to switch profiles and leave the login menu turned off unless you want to see it every time you boot XBMC.

- Roborob - 2009-03-02

Just found the thread : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=41271

- wreezig - 2009-03-07

This is exactly what I've been looking for a long time now.
Specially the ability to add or customize your own genres.
And I suspect that it's a highly wanted feature among most users.

I hope this feature will see the day sometime soon.

Is it possible to have custom libraries? - cezve - 2009-04-10

I've been messing around with XBMC and I'm loving it so far. Though, I have a slight problem. I've checked the wiki but I couldn't find an answer for it.

I have a few instructional DVD's I've picked up over the years. I've been trying to build a seperate library for them with nfo files in the same folder with the actual video files. But I didn't quite succeed. They ended up under movies library.

Is it possible to have a seperate library for them under videos section?

Also, this I believe is kind of a "noob" question but does XBMC support custom tag under XML files... like <subjects> instead <genre> ? If I remember right, XML is all about having the tags you want.. though I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance.

edit: I hope, this was the right section to post. If not, I'm sorry! :o

Movie Library - Seperate French and English movies? - vskatusa - 2009-05-02

XBMC creates just ONE library for my entire collection of movies....This creates a problem because my collection contains two different movie folders - one for english and one for french.

Is it possible to create two different libraries one for each language and search each library seperately?

Any ideas?

- sho - 2009-05-02

You can hack up multi library support, details here:

- vskatusa - 2009-05-02

sho thx!

I am not finding Homescrollers.xml to edit! Where is this xml file present? FYI, I am using windows

- sho - 2009-05-02

What skin are you using?

- vskatusa - 2009-05-02


- speedway - 2009-05-03

It's only applicable for the Horizonz skin I think.
I use PM3.HD and I'm also struggling with the fact of multiple libraries.

I hope it will be possible to inject location information into the movie information which library mode uses to filter its views (e.g. year, genre, ... => Folder (i.e. location/share)). This would be perfect and no use to switch profiles.

- sho - 2009-05-03

Aeon then uses a different name for the home screen xml file.
I am no skinner, but a very quick look in the Aeon folder suggests Home.xml (which btw should be the same for PM3.HD)
Edit: a qick 'n dirty test search suggests DialogButtonMenu.xml, no guarantees though.
There is a plethora of Aeon mods kicking around to get ideas from.
There is a lot of examples on this forum and in the online manual on how to modify PMIII (and PM3.HD).

- zag - 2009-05-05

Thanks for explaining, I understand it would be a lot of groundwork but its definitely worth it. Letting people customise the menus and create multiple libraries was always meedio's strength. Having moved to XBMC full time now it really is the only thing holding it back, but it is a limitation of this software.

Is there a solution for separating albums and singles? In the same way I would like seperate menu items for music albums, music singles and maybe compilation cds.

- speedway - 2009-05-05

I stick with it that it could be possible by using the library mode's own filtering (source: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Import_-_Export_Library#Movies)

Genres uses <genre></genre>
Title => <title></title>
Studio => <studio></studio>

Why shouldn't it be possible to use the path tag ?
Path => <path>smb://NAS/ShareLevel1/ShareLevel2/</path>
If not possible to determine the share level, the first level should do the trick.

This way you don't need different libraries, but you can do the splitting on folder level.