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TinyMediaManager Install - 2635599 - 2018-11-08

o.k. long story short about 10 days or so ago i decided to give linux another look after several years. so i installed kde neon and have been very happy with it. in fact today would make 6 days since i even bothered to go into my win 10 install. that said i downloaded the linux archive, extracted it, and have no idea how to run it. please a quick tutorial would be appreciated. thanks

RE: TinyMediaManager Install - mlaggner - 2018-11-08


RE: TinyMediaManager Install - 2635599 - 2018-11-08

any idea why kwrite opens when i click the .sh file? i've noticed this behavior with other shortcuts. create them, they work fine for a while, and then all of a sudden everytime they're clicked they open kwrite.

RE: TinyMediaManager Install - 2635599 - 2018-11-08

o.k. the answer o my last question about writer seems to be a dolphin issue. if i open pcmanfm i don't get the issue. bonus the compact view is far better than in dolphin.

RE: TinyMediaManager Install - mlaggner - 2018-11-09

it's like in windows.. every file extension has an associated launch-program. for security reasons more and more distros do not execute .sh/.bash files directly from the file manager

run the script in the wiki and you get the right .desktop file for tmm which appears in your start menu

btw: just a personal note - try everything else than KDE for your first linux steps Big Grin KDE/plasma is the most beautiful desktop environment, but others like gnome/mate/xfce/budgie are "better" in many terms
I tried plasma for a week this fall and returned to gnome shell since many things did not work in plasma which worked in gnome/mate