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Leia Music LIbrary Navigation - ethanfox - 2018-12-22

I just upgraded from Jarvis to Leia RC3.  I don't know if it was the upgrade, or something I did - but I'm unable to figure out how to select more than a single album now.  Previously, my music library would allow navigation such as Genres -> specific genre -> *All Artists -> *All Albums; then selecting a song would shuffle all songs for the entire genre.

Now, when I navigate the library, I can go to Genre -> specific genre -> "All Artists"; but after that, I'm forced to choose an album, and subsequent song selections only queue up the songs in that one album.  What have I done to lose the *All Albums option?


RE: Leia Music LIbrary Navigation - DaveBlake - 2018-12-23

Check that System > Settings > Media > Music "Show All Items" setting is Enabled

RE: Leia Music LIbrary Navigation - ethanfox - 2018-12-28

Thanks for the reply!  Unfortunately, show "all items" entry is ON.  Strange.  I even uninstalled Kodi completely and reinstalled fresh, but still not there.

RE: Leia Music LIbrary Navigation - DaveBlake - 2018-12-29

Hummm... yes *All Albums does seem to have gone awol Confused
I'll dig into it and try to restore this list item.

EDIT: thankfully that was not hard to find. It was broken in a code tidy up PR14273
Fixed by PR15155

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