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Aeon TAJO - Leia - manfeed - 2019-01-01

Completely redesigned, but built over the code of Aeon Nox 5 (thanks to BigNoid)

If you have any doubt, check the accompanying thread, maybe it's solved there... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=341550

(07/23/20) Matrix version already available through the official repo

How to support me and the skin?

If you like my work and really want to show your appreciation for the time and effort spent, you can use the next link. Thanks indeed!

Please click here to donate

To watch a general overview of Aeon Tajo in action (a bit outdated)...

- Aeon Tajo does support extrafanarts, but not in the traditional way with extrafanart folders (see this explanation) instead there must be fanart1, fanart2, fanart3... in the movie/tvshow/artist folder. To make it look its best and gather as much additional artwork as possible I recommend the use of Artwork Beef addon (thanks to rmrector for his work).



RE: AeonTAJO - macardi - 2019-01-01

How about some screenshots.

RE: AeonTAJO - smitchell6879 - 2019-01-02

(2019-01-01, 21:31)macardi Wrote: How about some screenshots.

I am interested but agree

RE: AeonTAJO - Aaiemron - 2019-01-02

This is great. Thanks a lot. I like it what you did with the main menu.

RE: AeonTAJO - smitchell6879 - 2019-01-02


So I am sitting here watching something on youtube and then the sound.. haha I ask myself where is it coming from. Awesome work the main menu is so cool the way you have it the colors effects and smooth.

RE: AeonTAJO - ontap - 2019-01-03

First impressions , very nice , fast and smooth.
One issue I have found , in "channels" view on live tv , screen is dimmed so i can barely see the  list? pic below .
Tx for skin .

RE: AeonTAJO - manfeed - 2019-01-03

Thanks! I have to say that I don't use LiveTV nor Games section, so it's difficult to me to check about those, but I think that I found and fixed the issue. The new version is already available from the link of the first post.

RE: AeonTAJO - ontap - 2019-01-04


RE: AeonTAJO - ontap - 2019-01-04

another issue bug/issue , widgets, have set up tv show and movie widgets using library, when i sect a widget from either list  one will play, the spinner shows and then cdi reverts to playing the default mp3 audio ( using mac and leia rc4) , i can play the selection wen choosing it from movies menu.

RE: Aeon TAJO - manfeed - 2019-01-05


Good catch! Already fixed.


RE: Aeon TAJO - Aaiemron - 2019-01-05

On Android the System Info is not showing correctly as an infoline on System in the main menu. It's showing # and % by System CPU Usage.

RE: Aeon TAJO - buxtonlad - 2019-01-05

Absolutely love it. Well done. Looking forward to following this skin. Going to use it as my daily even though there are some issues. It's beautiful.

RE: Aeon TAJO - noddyrams - 2019-01-06

love the look of this skin, but struggling with the widgets? Is it possible to show items from a third party addon sub menu?

RE: Aeon TAJO - Iadalazzhr - 2019-01-06

Good morning! I can't install from the zip file, it's says grab fanart installation failed, then failed to install dependancy 3 times. ☹️

Any ideas?

RE: Aeon TAJO - Asiapentti - 2019-01-06

Very nice skin indeed! As i use kodi mainly for music related stuff, this is almost perfect skin for me. One thing that i would like to see some development is music videos section. There's only two views to select (poster and list) which are quite basic. I have at the moment about 500 music videos from 50 artist and would like to see a view like you have done in music (Triple 3D). So i could scroll artist and on the right side would be videos of that artist. I dont know if that's even possible and understand if you don't use that section, that you have no interest to spend time for that. Great work anyway!

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