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Stuttering with 4k channels on Nvidia Shield - PLAY911 - 2019-01-11

Hi all!....hope you can help me....when I am playing 4k channels with Kodi RC4 in a Shield TV FW 7.2.2 (I had the same problem with before FW's) the playing suffer stuttering.
I dont have the same problem with Kodi 17.6 and SPMC last Jarvis Version
I have this problem with Fashion TV 4k and Asta UHD but not with Travel XP 4K
The only difference I see is that the channels with Stuttering has sound MPEG2 and Travel XP AAC
When I make a record from Fashion TV and Astra UHD and the I play that record It suffers stuttering but if I play what I have recorded with KOdi 17.6 or SPMC, dont.
If I play any other content in 4k with Leia I have no problem.

My config is Mecool KI with Coreelec as Server and Shiedl TV as client...both of them last versions available of TVH and FW's.

Many thanks!


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