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halmount on PPAs - lcapriotti - 2008-06-11

There is an interesting request in this post related to PPAs and enabling built-in automount features; however, in the reply Jezz_X points out that the feature can cause side effects when used on a regular desktop environment.

Would it be possible to enable built-in automounting by specifying an environment variable or something, so that the same PPAs could be used both on regular desktops and XBMC LiveUSB?


- Duduke - 2008-06-11

I think that this will be a great addition to the LiveXBMC.

Or any Gnome/KDE less system.

- topfs2 - 2008-06-11

A ticker in settings would be an easy addition, i havent done it that way to confuse users that want to let gnome do it / those that dont know better. i can add it to settings on monday+ if noone does so before that

- topfs2 - 2008-06-11

on second tought might be better to add to advancedsettings?

- Duduke - 2008-06-11

taking a note from the location of the Shutdown and SMB mount options,
I guess the most reasonable place is under System->Hardware or maybe System->Autostart...

- topfs2 - 2008-06-16

I have added this to SVN now. It's controlled via advancedsettings.xml. the configure flag is left if anyone want to default to halmount (I'm thinking that the LiveUSB version would want this, I for one don't want it to rely on advancedsettings.xml to be customized to work properly.

Sample advancedsettings.xml

- lcapriotti - 2008-06-17

cool, many TKS!

- NEI - 2009-02-02

Is this still working? I cannot find it in wiki: