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Microsoft DVR-MS video container support request - buhd - 2003-10-02

this would be awesome, link up my mce pcs with my box... the dvr-ms format is an mpeg-2 in an asf container. i don't know how hard it'd be but it should be possible maybe. excellent work so far btw...


- Frodo - 2003-10-02

we're using mplayer/ffmpeg codecs for decoding the various formats.
i'm not sure if dvr-ms is already supported, if not
please ask the ffmpeg & mplayer group to add it
if they add the correct codecs/demuxers then you'll see it in xbmc also


mplayer: mplayer


- andrewjm - 2004-04-05

is there a way to make xbmc have the ability to play .dvr-ms files? they are the mpeg2 windows media center files that you record live tv on.

- Gamester17 - 2004-04-05

please read this => http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/cgi-bin....;t=1921

- loonytunes - 2004-04-09

any chance of support for this format being added to xbmc in the near future? its basically an mpeg in a custom microsoft wrapper, patches are available for xp to allow playback of these files couldnt these be adapted for addition to the xbox??

- connoleg - 2004-04-16

i have ccx server installed on my windows mce machine and can see the files with the drv-ms extension. xbmc does not seem to handle these files currently.

- Gamester17 - 2004-04-16

=> to all people requesting new codecs, read this! (link) <=

- andrewjm - 2004-04-30

will there ever be support for dvr-ms files from windows media center?

it is hard to convert dvr-ms to mpeg2 to play on the xbox, and direct dvr-ms support on xbmc would be great

- Gamester17 - 2004-05-24

(lukes @ may 23 2004,22:28 Wrote:is it possible to play the recorded tv files from mce (microsoft media center edition) in xbmc.
no. merged your port into the existing feature suggestion thread on the topic. (in the future please search before posting!Wink

- Zeosstud - 2004-05-27

is there any plan to support the microsoft media center recorded dvr-ms files with xbmc. i ask because the can be viewed in media player 9 and i was thinking that most things media player 9 can see, xbmc could handle also.


- DoughBoy - 2004-05-30

here is info on the dvr-ms format...


i wouldn't necessarily call this a codec request because the dvr-ms format seems to be a container.

i believe that mce does not encrypt recordings (although capability exists). there are utilities for the pc that demux to elementary streams and even a converter program to convert to wmv (xbmc can play these btw). this wmv converter is very slow but the author says it will be way faster in final release.

check out utilities here...


the dvd 2 wmv converter is linked in their forum under 3rd party apps.

- Toaster - 2004-08-19

i can add to this thread, of course i would also like to see xbmc play .dvr-ms files from a media center edition pc.  i was able to edit the .xml file to "see" the .dvr-ms files, when i navigate to the proper directory on the mce box, but any attempt to play the .dvr-ms files results in the xbox locking up Sad

and to be honest, i'd like to see the "click'n'play" feature of xbmc added to windows media center- maybe as a add-on feature- i'd like to be able to browse my network and click on a .bin, .iso or .img file and see it play on my windows media center pc- like it does on the xbox.

i know you can add "more programs" to mce, i'd love to have xbmc compiled for windows just for that reason! excellent app guys!

if there is anyway to run xbmc on a mce pc, let me know!!!!!!!! :d

- mainsg - 2004-08-24

is xbmc ever going to support winxp mce's native recording file format of dvr-ms? just wondering. thanks!!

btw, great job guys. xpmc is awesome!!!!!

- Gamester17 - 2004-08-24

(mainsg @ aug. 24 2004,15:25 Wrote:is xbmc ever going to support winxp mce's native recording file format of dvr-ms?
please search the entire forum before posting in the future, tia (moving and merging post into the existing suggestions thread).
please also read this post (link, click here) for a technical and more detailed answer to your question. again, search before posting.

- mainsg - 2004-08-24

ahhhh, but i did search all groups for dvr-ms. came up with zip-o-la, that is why i asked. check it for yourself. nada...