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- Gamester17 - 2004-11-09

@everyone: again, fyi; note that dvr-ms container/demuxer support has not yet been implemented into xbmc cvs!, just fyi

- ezar2003 - 2004-11-09

please, send me more dvr-ms samples...
@umopdn: thank you for your sample!!

- webby1571 - 2004-11-17

i have a desktop with mce 2005, but my older version of xbmc doesn't play the dvr.ms files.  has this functionality been added, or is it to remain unsupported?  i'd like to use xbmc instead of an "extender".  the extenders won't stream any hbo shows due to drm issues.  thanks.

- ezar2003 - 2004-11-17

[experimental] only video... audio not yet
(use .conf file ... )

- dinero112 - 2004-11-22


searching through various articles i have not come across any postings about dvr-ms which leads me to believe it is not supported (yet).

as i understand it correctly dvr-ms is the format xp-mce uses when recording tv.

my question:

are there any plans to support dvr-ms in the near future?

answers appreciated,


- Gamester17 - 2004-11-22

(dinero112 @ nov. 22 2004,10:04 Wrote:searching through various articles i have not come across any postings about dvr-ms
you've not searched hard enough, merging your post into the existing request for it, (it's is even mentioned in pinned topic Stare )

- dinero112 - 2004-11-22

Quote:you've not searched hard enough, merging your post into the existing request for it, (it's is even mentioned in pinned topic  )

this is really funny! i just tried searching the whole forum again on "dvr-ms" and it still does not return any search results. i am sorry but i am not smarter than the average search engine...


- Gamester17 - 2004-11-22

a search for "dvr and ms" (from 'the beginning') gives result http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/cgi-bin....4e1e10c
a search for just "dvr" (from 'the beginning') gives result http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/cgi-bin....1accbac
a search for just "mce" (from 'the beginning') gives result http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/cgi-bin....57e2ae8

- loonytunes - 2004-11-23

just found out that mediaportal seems to record in dvr-ms now as well, i would love to see mportal and xbmc as alternatives to the mce/extender system but if the dvr-ms thing dosnt get properly taken on board by xbmc system then thats a pipe dream and that is dissapointing

- Phocea - 2004-12-07

to add to the discussion. if xbmc is ever able to play properly dvr-ms, will it also get a built in way of acquiring drm licences ?
i work in the tv industry and we are currently working on a demo for a show in 2005 showing streaming of licenced rights using the microsoft drm. wm9/10 are supporting this, not sure what would be required into xbmc to do this though .. just thought i would ask Smile

oppss just seen gamester post on page 2 .. will go and have a look at the drm topic Smile

- speciestraitor - 2004-12-13

i don't know if this will help the devs or users of xbmc, but i have been using arcsoft showbiz dvd to transcode the files from ms-dvr to mpeg which works flawlessly in xbmc.

it is also a video edit suite as well as compression suite. there are other utilities as well like dv2wmv...but i had a hard time getting it work correctly.

not a one stop solution, but it has helped me with streaming my dvrs to my xbox. it has a 15-day shareware trial.

i hope this isn't seen as spam...

- Toaster - 2004-12-27

according to http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/news.html

they have added support for .dvr-ms files... does this mean we will be able to play .dvr-ms files from windows media center pc's? :kickass:

any idea when the new player will be implemented into a release of xbmc? i can't wait!!!! so excited! :o :bowdown:

- houbie2001 - 2004-12-31


since a couple of weeks i'am using windows xp mediacenter 2005. when i do a recording form the tv it creates dvr-ms files.
maybe it is possible in future versions to put in a codec to support these filetypes.



- eccosierra - 2005-02-04

mplayer 1.0pre6: x-mas present is having support for dvr-ms
Quote:dvr-ms support in asf demuxer

i guess there may be support for dvr-ms in xbmc in the near future  Smile

- dupfold - 2005-02-20

xbmc really needs dvr-ms support now more than ever otherwise it will start to see a fall in users.

i have been streaming tv recorded on pc to my xbox (downstairs) using xbmc for quite a while now and have been very happy with it. i have now upgraded to mce 2005 and found xbmc does not support dvr-ms.

as it seems form this post, it is unlikely that support will be added to xbmc any time soon and therefore i am now having to seek an alternative to xbmc, maybe a second pc or a simple video send.

i would much rather keep xbmc but have no choice.