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4K video resize fail at TV Box - Viacheslav - 2019-02-02

I saw here a lot of simple problems. But maybe my is littele different. I just want to figure it out once for all.
I have 2 TV boxes: 4K mxq pro and Sunvell T95Z Plus, and I have a TV Bravis UHD-45F6000 Smart.
I tried a lot of 4K movies: H264, H265, 8 and 10 bit at other bitrates. On tv with smart I can zoom all these videos and on Windows too. But on any versions of KODI on TV boxes it does not zoom any videos. I want to to zoom it to remove black bars. On any 1080p rips all works fine. 
Maybe somebody will tell me why it happens like this. Is there only way to buy a TV box on windows in my case?
Thank You in advance!

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