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Playback problem with mp4 container and opus audio - scott967 - 2019-02-03

So, I have some musicvideo files that were muxed with ffmpeg into mp4 containers and have either VP9 or AVC video stream and Opus audio stream.   They play OK except in when there is a companion file with the same filename and m4a extension in the folder.  In this case it appears that Kodi is trying to open the m4a file (external audio stream) and look for audio streams when I attempt to play the mp4 file. I get a busy dialog and can't get into fullscreenvideo, but it does seem like Kodi thinks it's playing (eg player progress bar advances).

Most of my mp4 files have AAC audio and it doesn't happen with these.  For these files, in the audio settings the AAC stream in the mp4 file plays as the default, and I have a stream select option to load the AAC stream in the m4a file.

I got a little lost looking at VideoPlayer and what is going on in
void CVideoPlayer::OpenDefaultStreams(bool reset)
but my guess is something is going wrong there when the audio stream is codec Opus.

Anyway here is a log of trying to play the mp4 file with Opus audio:

scott s.

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