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Kodi update on apple tv 2 - samjakins - 2019-02-04

Hi everyone, 

I am new to this forum and really need help with updating my Apple TV 2. Its been quite some time that I have used my Apple TV 2. The ad-ons are very old (year old) and doesn't work. I was wondering if someone would help me with guiding me on how to update my Kodi that would be compatible for Apple TV 2. Like I mentioned, I know very little about Kodi because when I purchased my Apple TV 2, it already came with Kodi but its currently not updated. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

RE: Kodi update on apple tv 2 - jools5000 - 2019-02-05

I would read this

Head over to the hardare forum if you want info about potential devices

RE: Kodi update on apple tv 2 - samjakins - 2019-02-05

I’ve already read that article, it doesn’t guide me on how to setup or update my Apple TV 2, which it’s why I am reaching out for additional guidance

RE: Kodi update on apple tv 2 - jools5000 - 2019-02-05

There is no (simple) fix.  Your ancient version of Kodi isn't developed any more and I doubt you will find a developer willing to try to spend days/weeks of their time trying to backport the current addons just to support your old version, considering how cheaply you can get a more modern device

Only the current version of Kodi is supported/developed, you of course are free to run any version you like, however old versions will eventually start to break down as the developers and community leave them behind

Only solution is to look at a new device and I would start here
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