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Edit Last Played date - hermann_x5 - 2019-02-07

I am using MediaElch since some time but had now a second look on Ember and it does some things that I wish MediaElch could - so I am thinking of switching.
The only thing, I really miss (or cannot find) which would prevent me to switch to Ember is the possibility to edit the Last Played date.
It seems I can only click "Watched" but not enter the last played date. Am I missing something ?

RE: Edit Last Played date - DanCooper - 2019-02-07

The switch alwaas use the current date and time. Next update have a new edit dialog with a date and time field to set or change it manually.

RE: Edit Last Played date - hermann_x5 - 2019-02-07

This would be exactly what I am looking for, thanks !

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