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RE: SlingTV - MoreBloodWine - 2020-01-18

(2020-01-18, 16:38)eracknaphobia Wrote:
(2020-01-18, 16:03)MoreBloodWine Wrote:
(2020-01-18, 16:00)eracknaphobia Wrote: Development on this addon has ended. Please use this version of sling as it is the one being actively worked on.
This might be a stupid question but will it at some point be added to the Kodi repo?

Consider me lazy but I prefer to install things through the menu LOL  

I hear ya. We do plan on getting it in but it may be some time before that happens. If you install the IOFault repo all the subsequent updates will happen automatically.
I guess let me put it this way. Much like the VPN through the zomboided repo which is a zip on a usb.

How exactly would be the best way to go about installing this new version and making sure it stays updated until such a time that it is in the official repo, which from the way you're talking, could be six months LMFAO

I am technically inclined, but you might have to step it out LOL

RE: SlingTV - eracknaphobia - 2020-01-18

The steps are outlined here. If you need further help please post your questions on the sling thread.

RE: SlingTV - MoreBloodWine - 2020-01-18

(2020-01-18, 16:51)eracknaphobia Wrote: The steps are outlined here. If you need further help please post your questions on the sling thread.
That seems pretty straightforward, thank you... And will do.

RE: SlingTV - Penbrock - 2020-02-08

Does anyone have this installed and working on a raspberry pi3 with osmc disto? Mine just keeps popping up error notices. The plug in works great, the guide is not working.

I know it is not an issue with the plugin as it is running great on my Ubuntu pic, and on the openelec on a pi4

I do want to thank the programmer for all the great work on this. It has changed our enjoyment of kodi 1000%

RE: SlingTV - mxlance - 2020-02-08

This add-on is dead as far as i know.
This add-on replaces it : https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=351048
Hope this helps

RE: SlingTV - Lunatixz - 2020-02-26

PROJECT Deprecated: please use: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=351048

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