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Overlays? Scanlines? Custom resolutions? - ewookie - 2019-02-18

I'm looking for a way to add overlays for games. Maybe it's not possible. Maybe I haven't found it yet. I like the bilinear filter. That's usually the only filter I ever use on any emulator. I also use my own custom 'scanline' overlay. It doesn't create scanline though. Honestly, I don't understand the craze about scanlines. I never saw scanlines on CRTs unless the thing was on it's last leg. I still have CRT and don't see scanlines. What I have always been able to see is the space between 'pixels' on a CRT. This is what my custom 'scanline.png' file sort of replicates.


In Krypton, I had also edited the Confluence skin to tile this on top of old TV shows. Looked nice.

That's one type of overlay. I really hope we at least get that. I hope we also get other overlays that can function as borders around video that doesn't fill up the screen...which depends on giving us the ability to size/scale the video as we wish. Thanks.

P.S. The above file is what I use with Mame. For RetroArch, I created a 1080 version. That is here:

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