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Missing Songs After Scan - worjef - 2019-03-07

I use Kodi on my home TVs for music but I also have music on our phones and USB sticks for the vehicles.  Because of this I also use mediamonkey.  I've been working on organizing my library so that it works good on all devices.  I basically have folders that are playlist and the genre tag is used for the playlist name.  Because of this I have a few songs that are duplicate other than the genre tag being different.  When I scan my library into kodi it only scans 1 of the 2 songs into the database.  So a song that should be on 2 playlist is only on 1.

Example of folder structures where a duplicate would exist


Kids/Kidz Bop/Kidz Bop 30/Kidz Bop - Bad Blood.mp
Kids Favorites/Kidz Bop/Kidz Bop 30/Kidz Bop - Bad Blood.mp

There are 2 smart playlist, one search for genre "Kids" and the other searching for genre "Kids Favorites".  Bad Blood will only appear on 1 of the 2 playlist and the database only shows 1 row for bad blood.  I assume kodi has determined this song is a duplicate so it skips one of them during the scan.

What can I change to make kodi think the two are different songs vs. being a duplicate?

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