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How to update a post? - Freonpsandoz - 2019-03-27

OK, I'm stumped. How do I update a post? Thanks.

RE: How to update a post? - Karellen - 2019-03-27

You can't. You are too new so you don't have the full set of privileges yet, but they will become available eventually.

For now, just start a new post, and if it is a duplicate with more information, we will remove the original one.

I'll move this thread to Forum issues in a little while.

RE: How to update a post? - Karellen - 2019-03-27



RE: How to update a post? - DarrenHill - 2019-03-27

To expand a little, it's an anti-spam measure.

We've had several cases in the past where new users come in and post something innocuous, and later return and edit their post to transform the content into a spam post with links and all sorts of crap in them. It's a sneaky way to try and get past the controls and sling their junk at our userbase.

So we've specifically limited the capabilities of new users, based on both their post count and also the age of their account. So new users cannot edit posts, nor can they use the PM system and a few other selected items that have been abused in the past to be spam attack vectors. Generally speaking it works well, and if there are specific and proven requirements then we can at our discretion grant such capabilities early. However that is rarely done, and only on genuine need.

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